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Petshop WordPress Theme

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Petshop WordPress Theme

Petshop WordPress theme – Build a website for pet store, veterinary clinic, dog training classes, animal shelters and pet hotels, dog / cat trainers, or pet caretakers. Petshop is a creative WordPress theme for Pets and Vets with fresh and clean responsive design. Everything is customized easily.
Pet Shop WordPress Theme is created as a wonderful solution for any Pet related websites, that require special shopping functionality and product presentation. Petshop theme fully designed and integrated WooCommerce shop plugin compatibility to explain your pets and collections in a creative appearance. The customisation using theme customizer is extremely easy even for non developers and is fully described in the included documentation and HD videos.

A clean, modern and Vertical navigation menu WordPress theme. It has a wide range of incredible features and includes $150 worth of goodies, everything you need to create an awesome site in an incredibly easy way saving money and time doing it. Build any site design without coding! You can bear a fully equipped website up and running within just a few minutes. **Petshop** is not just a theme, it’s a collection of astonishing examples with tons of features.

**1-Click Demo Content Import** – One of the most useful features that a WordPress theme can bear. You will appreciate to start the website development process at the same starting point as the wonderful theme demo pages, so you can quickly design the website of your dreams. You can fully expend our carefully created demo content to start with a ready-to-travel site with 1-click only!

**Page Builder** – The drag-and-drop Visual Composer ($46 value) page builder for WordPress will save you tons of time working on your site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes! This Page Builder can be used on your site front-discontinuance to construct your work easier. All you need to enact is drag and drop the content and see the result immediately.

**Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer** – Extend Visual Composer and add more power to it! This plugin ($26 value for free) adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. We’ve set aside a lot of time and care to ensure that all the elements are flexible so that they will open limitless possibilities for you while maintaining simplicity at the core.

**Visual Elements Plugin** – Extend your page building experience and possibilities with our plugin elements list with the exclusive Visual Elements plugin that will add astonishing modern content elements to your Visual Composer.

**Responsive** – We know responsivity is significant once we live in a mobile world. It’s absolutely essential that your website be as accessible as necessary on all devices. However, we felt that responsive design was something else we wanted to construct even better for you. Even better for the web. construct sure our theme is fully responsive!

**Theme Options (Customizer)** – The best control panel ever made with hundreds of intuitive options to bring your WordPress site to the next level of customization and easily apply, enable or disable.

– WordPress login page customization
– Favicon, petshop logo / white and special mobile logo upload.
– Back-to-top and social sharing button options
– Extra menu option for different menus for each page
– Color options (hover, dropdown, sub-menu, backgrounds, headers and global)
– Typography options (size, font, letter spacing, weight control) for each area of your site)
– Header options (icons, position, height, animation, style, logos, top header information, phone number, social networks and email address)
– Footer options (columns, colors, image upload, height, text and social area)
– Portfolio post type options
– Team member options
– Custom URLs slug for any post type
– Knowledgebase options
– Blog options (blog style, post views, post likes, related posts, standard and single post sidebar control)
– 404 page not found options (image, background color, text, color, title and align)
– Contact map template options (map address, color, text, zoom and image market upload)
– Social networks options
– Page transition options (load animation, color, and effects)
– WooCommerce options (sidebar position, header color, social share buttons, header slider, caption and title texts)
– Custom code (tracking code, HTML code, CSS code and JS code)

**Shortcodes** – To complement the best page builder and serve you, even more, Shortcodes enable you to become a power user and choose your site to modern heights. But you’re only as ample as what you’re provided within your theme. With Petshop WordPress theme, we’ve built astonishing shortcode to complement all the other 100+ page builder elements. See some of them:
– Accordion
– Alert Box
– Audio Embed
– Blockquote
– Buttons
– Dropcap
– Highlight
– Lightbox Images
– Lightbox Videos
– Single Image
– Testimonial
– Toggle
– Divider
– Blank Divider
– Tab Section
– Tooltip
– Video Embed
– Revolution Slider
– Social Buttons Sharing
– Highlights

**Typography** – The web is first and foremost a typographic medium. Because of that, we wanted to ensure that the level of control over your site’s typography was unparalleled in any other WordPress theme on the market. We’ve not only included over 800 free Google Fonts to expend in your theme. we enact more!

**Columns** – To better explain your content! With our page builder row columns elements, you can build any page layout you want, you can easily choose between 1. 2. 3. 4 and 6 columns with offset or 1/3 + 2/3. you can create any layout you want and bear the complete freedom to build your own columns layout as easy as a click of a button. Your only limit it’s your imagination!

**Column Height, Gaps and Position** – Control the height of your columns by applying equal height option. Set gaps between columns or merge them together with one click. Control position of columns and content within columns with vertical alignment.

**Parallax Background for Rows** – Add parallax style background to Visual Composer rows. Combine Design Options and parallax background to create even more advanced layouts.

**Frontend Editor** – relish a “What You See Is What You pick up” page building experience with our astonishing frontend editor. See how your content will behold on the frontend, instantly, with no additional clicks or switches.

**Backend Editor** – Prefer to work on the backend? No problem! Visual Composer still supports native content management on the backend, with all the significant functions and options at your fingertips.

**Advanced Grid Builder** – Visual Composer comes with advanced grid builder bundled. Display posts, portfolio, and any other custom posts type or media in grid or masonry grid. Tons of options and 40+ predefined styles.

**Template System** – Copy or re-expend existing pages, and save templates for later. Build posts using 40+ professional, pre-defined layouts from the WPBakery team.

**Design Options** – Control how elements behold with modern Design Options. Set borders, margins, paddings, border radius and background with a few simple clicks. expend color panel and alpha to enhance your design. Create up to date design solutions with ease.

**Video Background** – Insert YouTube videos into row backgrounds to create dynamic and visually appealing effects. Combine YouTube video background with Visual Composer parallax effect.

**Cross Browser Compatibility** – No browser is left behind with the Petshop WordPress Theme! All modern browsers supported by Petshop include Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, and Safari.

**Slider Revolution** – Petshop not only supports but includes the premium Slider Revolution plugin (a $26 value) for free along with your purchase of the theme. Easily create and manage unique slideshows with captivating transitions and animations that are all completely responsive. With Petshop, you can easily include a slider on any page with the best slider plugin.

**Posts Slider** – You can build an astonishing posts-slider from regular WordPress posts. All you bear to enact is setup one slide and Slider Revolution does all the work! There are literally millions of layout combinations.

**Contact Form 7** – Petshop theme supports the best contact form plugin and also display it elegantly and bear elements to easily apply it form in a page.

**Social** – Enable social media icons and easy share functionality with the click of a button on any social network and display it in your footer, sub-menus, side menu or page body area.

**Site Layout** – Choose between boxed or full-width layouts across all Stacks to find a design that truly suits your needs.

**Translation Ready** – Petshop WordPress Theme is translation ready to better serve you.

**Child Theme Compatible** – Petshop is child theme compatible, with child themes available upon your purchase of the theme to construct customization easy and painless.

**Retina Theme** – explain your content in the best possible way clear and in high-definition on all devices.

**Clean Code** – Petshop conforms to industry best practices at all levels. The attention to detail given by our developers on all levels is absolutely unparalleled. Implementing the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, we not only develop the theme but work with it on our personal websites and projects every day.

**4000 Icons (extendable)** – We know everybody loves ample icons set so we’ve made an awesome icons list to you give wings to your imagination and construct your design more unique with Font-Awesome and IcoMoon most wanted icons. In the case, you want to add more icons you can easily enact that for free with our ultimate icons adder.

**Custom Post Types** – With Petshop WordPress Theme you bear some distinguished posts types to better explain your content with our Portfolio, Team Member, Knowledge Base and gives you a freedom to build your own post type in the way you like.

**Custom Post Formats** – Manage your blog posts better by taking advantage of WordPress’ custom post formats. The following post formats are included:
– Image
– Gallery
– Audio
– Video
– Quote
– Link

**Updates** – Our first priority is to sustain the Petshop theme on the top and working perfectly, and our team is quick to address bug fixes as well as adding modern features to the theme. You can update Petshop theme using our auto-updater 1-click system.

**Custom Widgets** – It’s simple to include your Flickr, Dribbble or Twitter feed into your theme with custom widgets. Simply drag and drop them wherever you desire, input your user information, and you’re ready to travel!

**Search Engine Optimized** – An significant topic or any site is the search engine optimization. We actually bear data to back it up. Petshop was built to the serve your site rank. Rest assured that everything from the functional markup utilizing the latest semantic HTML5 elements, working together with the best WordPress SEO plugin compatibility.

**Vertical Menu WordPress Theme** – The vertical menu serves many purposes, besides the fact that it’s unique and stands out compared to the standard horizontal menu at the top of a website. In fact, some argue that designs behold more creative and appealing when you bear that vertical menu lining the side of the page. The first reason you might mediate about using our vertical menu theme is that of how easy it is to locate the navigation. The menu generally sticks around when someone scrolls down, which makes it more versatile for both one page and multi-page designs.

**Unlimited Header & Menu Layouts** – Choose the perfect header & navigation style for your website: Center your menu, meander to the left side, accurate side, menu closer to logo, menu away from logo, full-width, wide, boxed, vertical menu, horizontal, centered logo aligned with menu, centered logo with menus on the edges and much more. enact it all on the powerful Theme options panel with 1-click only.

**Fully Customizable Headers** – You are free to edit your header in a way you want. colors, size, pages position, logo position, apply icons, transparency style, background images, background sliders, video backgrounds, submenus animations and much more on Petshop WordPress theme headers.

**Fullscreen Menu** – Easily enable the handsome Full-screen Menu to explain your header pages in a different way and completely change your site style.

**Visual Menu (mega menu)** – In the case you want to display more content, the Visualmodo Menu provides you with a visually engaging way to organize complex navigation layouts and build any menu style in an elegant and easy way.
– Sub-menu columns
– Menu and sub-menu icons
– Sub-menu background image
– Dropdown alignment
– Submenu widgets
– Dropdowns posts grid
– Full-width menu option

**Side Menu** – Petshop comes with a side menu (widgets and pages-menu) area, a clickable icon on your header menu to explain more content in an elegant vertical bar.

**Fully Customizable Title Area** – Choose between a responsive title image, parallax title image, zoom in/out title image and no image. explain or conceal each title area. Choose the position of the title text. Choose colors, separators & much more. Apply those settings on a global or page specific level.

**serve Center (support)** – We want to see your site on the top and for this reason gives you the best support on the market that really works full-time to serve you, HD video tutorials and a ample documentation. Feel free to call us!

**One Page Sites / Landing Page** – Easily setup one-page navigation with the Petshop theme on your front-page or across multiple pages to create unique and engaging layouts for your visitors.

**Sidebars** – Create the sidebar you want and easily manage it on your page in any position with the Petshop VisualComposer Page Builder.

**Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress** – Is a powerful and easy-to-expend schedule plugin for WordPress. It will serve you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes. It is perfect for gym classes, school or kindergarten classes, medical departments, nightclubs, lesson plans, meal plans etc. It comes with Events Manager, Event Occurrences Shortcode, Timetable Shortcode Generator and Upcoming Events Widget. You gain this plugin ($26 value) for free purchasing the Petshop WordPress theme.

**Custom Footer** – Choose from 1 to 4 columns in the footer, and set it up in your own style. explain you content elegantly in an easy way.

**Different Logo versions** – Different logo versions for initial and sticky headers, as well as for Petshop and light header skins, the mobile menu, and more.

**Portfolio** – Create the portfolio post you want and explain it in 3 different portfolio list layouts. Set the desired number of columns for each portfolio list.

**Blog Layouts** – Choose the best behold for your blog. Petshop comes with a large collection of blog layouts, all carefully crafted and easy to add to any page.

**Add Custom Styles** – No need to wallow through lines of code just to add your own custom CSS. We’ve embedded a custom CSS field in the Theme Options panel to construct your life easier.

**Google Maps** – explain where you are in the world in an easy and elegant way using the google maps system on your Petshop WordPress Theme

**Future** – We want to construct our work better and better every single day upgrading the theme for free and introducing modern features because it’s our Visualmodo mission. Thank you so much for watching our presentation and feel free to contact us on

**Free Theme Installation** – Once you purchase our theme and the visualmodo support crew will be able to install your theme for free. For this free service please send us a message or e-mail us on

**Professional and mercurial Support** – Our support team can’t wait to serve you. Just submit a ticket to our support petshop and one of our highly professional and expertly trained support consultants will be there to lend a hand

**WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin** – Sell anything elegantly. Transform your site into a powerful store with the best store plugin WooCommerce. Petshop WordPress theme support this plugin and construct it even better with a fully customizable control panel and performance optimizations.

**A Real Theme for your online store/shop!** – Petshop is ready as an **eCommerce** platform, having built-in styles for WooCommerce plugin, which at this moment empowered ~30% of the world online stores!! but we choose it to the next level!! Petshop also has its own advanced custom style for your cart, account and check-out WooCommerce pages to construct your store behold astonishing and user-friendly for your costumes! construct sure all your shop clients will appreciate to purchase your products/services once your shop is powered by our theme store framework.

**A Real Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme** – We found our theme used for so many niches, it’s incredible how flexible the theme is, whether for real estate, hotel, furniture shop, fitness, brico, interior, a school, university or agency, even church and petshop and so many other fields. It’s an awesome adventure and we’re thrilled when we see our work, used in so many domains and industries.

**Smart Loader** – Unlike other WordPress frameworks and page builders, Petshop is doing its best to load only the necessary resources that you page needs. This will construct your website super mercurial.

** High-Performance** – mercurial loading, light-weight, best UX. Made for high performance, tested on pagespeed, yslow and co.

**A Word About Speed Performance** – This is the fastest theme available. We spent a considerable amount of time tweaking every aspect of the theme to perform at it’s absolute best. All the queries are hand inspected to be optimal, all the images and resources are carefully compressed to construct the site load blazing mercurial and all the scripts are profiled and modified to dash at top speed.

**And much more! Check out the live preview!** Petshop & Community Responsive WordPress Theme

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