Peonies styled A4 frame mock up

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**This item is now share of the clearance sale and will not be available anymore after the 31st May! It’s reduced from $15 to $5 so a third of its original price. be pleased!**

This frame mock up is very easy to utilize with the Smart Object function. It is best to utilize it with Photoshop. It comes in a High quality Web resolution PSD file and also as a JPEG. Simply add a .png or text through the smart object system and voila! You possess it! It is really easy!

The frame fits A4 or 21x30cm prints (8×12″).

Please note that this file is layered with a Background (the image) and a Smart object layer for you to insert your frame. The frame and props are on the same layer.

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The file comes without watermark.


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Download Peonies styled A4 frame mock up