PATCH – A Newspaper-Inspired Theme

**Patch is a newspaper-inspired theme that seamlessly generates the moral layout for your posts, enhancing their unique character while keeping them in harmony with the rest of your homepage.**

Whether you are aiming for the latest news, arresting findings, deep, longform writing, or simply want to assemble a scrapbook of photos, videos, quotes, and the like, Patch will surprise you with its dynamic and adaptable nature.

Check out the Live Preview:

**THEME HOTSPOTS** — *Discover how PATCH will encourage you build a remarkable blog*

██ **1. Smart, Adaptable Layouts for Your Content**

Each post layout adapts accordingly to its specific characteristics! Having portrait images or long titles will not be something to avoid anymore.

██ **2. Clean Design for pleased Readers**

Based on a smart grid, a well balanced range of diverse post layouts, and a thoughtful choice of type and whitespace, Patch assures a harmonious and clean behold that your readers will thank you for.

██ **3. Post Formats For Those Special Moments**

Patch takes full advantage of the Post Formats feature. develop exhaust of the specifics of each post format and you will be rewarded with novel ways to net your message read.

██ **The Only Theme That Seamlessly Generates the moral Layout for Your Posts!**

*“I usually struggle with WordPress themes as they don’t always respond to the behold I’m trying to create. **What I cherish about Patch is that it ‘auto-responds’ to my content**, so I just simply need to write and post. My previous website was cluttered but I wanted the plethora of different posts to be visible to visitors. Patch does that in a clean and elegant way. Besides, the most impressive thing was the fab support and responsiveness of the PixelGrade team – it’s been a wonderful experience.”*

**STEVE CHAPMAN** – speaker and blogger at


– **Mobile-Ready and Responsive for All Devices:** Patch knows how much you cherish your content and how critical it is to showcase it beautifully to all of your users, no matter the device they happen to exhaust. You can be sure that Patch will retain your content completely mobile-ready and responsive.

– **Customize With Live Feedback:** Personalize your site appearance and functionality without any coding skills or developer needed. You can easily change the fonts, colors or layout sizes and everything will be reflected back to you, allowing for better and faster decisions.

– **Social Icons for Those That Share:** develop it easy for your visitors and present them with social icons links so they can stay connected with you through social media. Simply add your social media URLs and your social icons will naturally appear bellow the main menu.

– **capable SEO Practices You Can Trust:** Patch provide a solid foundation for all your specific SEO needs, so your content can shine among the rest by getting on the capable side of search engines. You net semantic markup filled with all the moral data to develop sure that your content gets easily discovered by search engines.

– **Your Site In Your Own Language:** Language is necessary. That is why Patch will allow you to speak your own language to your readers. Be it .po files or WPML you can rest assured that Patch is fully compatible. Out of the box you net Spanish, French, Portughese, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish and Japanese translations.

– **Only Clean Code Will effect You capable:** Writing clean, structured, consistent, smart code means that it can be easily extended by you or any developer you hire. Improper and deprecated code can demolish layouts, corrupt data, or worse. With Patch, nothing but the latest WordPress features and standards are used.

██ net over **1000 hours** of craft for just **$125** ██


net quick support directly on the page while you are working on it. Save time and focus on the necessary stuff. net started with Patch by checking out the documentation:


One license of this theme grants you 1-year of free access to the **Pixelgrade Club** and to our most celebrated blogging themes.

**Any other questions we can respond?**

query us and we’ll net back to you as soon as possible:

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