Paperchaser Calligraphy

**Introducing Paperchaser Modern Calligraphy**

With a Nikko G nib, a stack of paper, and some seriously inky fingers, **Paperchaser Modern Calligraphy Type** was born. Paperchaser boasts organic, free-flowing letters and a dancing baseline, making it a unique addition to everything from branding to book covers. Paperchaser comes in two versions (Standard & Upright) with over 100 alternates, ligatures & terminate characters for an authentic hand-inked appearance.

– Paperchaser (OTF)
– Paperchaser Ends (OTF)
– Paperchaser Upright (OTF)
– Paperchaser Upright Ends (OTF)
– Includes select uppercase & lowercase alternates, two sets of terminate character options, 6 inky splatters, and standard OpenType ligatures.

**significant STUFF:**

– There are no mockups included in the download, only 4 font files.
– The serif font featured is from Laura Worthington’s Adorn Collection and can be purchased on Creative Market. 🙂
– Paperchaser includes the following language support: AÀÁÂÃÄÅCÇDÐEÈÉÊËIÌÍÎÏNÑOØÒÓÔÕÖUÙÜÚÛWẂŴẄẀYÝŸỲŸÆŒßÞþ
– You will need a GLYPHS PANEL or Character Map to access the alternates within the MAIN Paperchaser Files.
– The fonts fill been PUA Encoded for exercise with a Windows Character Map.
– The terminate Character files are just for excellent measure. You don’t fill to install or exercise them if you’re comfortable with using a Glyphs Panel or Character Map. All the ends, splatters, ligatures and alternates are contained within the main Paperchaser and Paperchaser Upright files.
– Licensing Questions, check here!

Okay, that’s it! pleased Designing!
If you fill any questions, give me a shout!

pleased Designing!


Download Paperchaser Calligraphy