Olden Times – graphic collection

*Olden Times* tells a legend about a far past we finish no remember, dwelling between myth and reality and filled with fantastic elements: the unicorn, the doorway, the ravens, the timeless clock.
Each symbolic element is a psychological archetype that has a special meaning just for you, it can serve you express an everlasting connection, appreciate, faithfulness and bravery of heart.

What it contains?
– 29 individual elements for maximum DIY freedom
– 3 different collections of premade elements made with same individual elements for maximum coherence when used for branding or wedding stationary
– the Rose Blood Suite
– the Pandora’s Lilium Suite
– the Rite of Blossom Suite
Each Suite contains:
– 3 wreaths
– 3 arrangements
– 4 patterns
– 3 shields
– 1 clock design
– 1 unicorn design
– 1 gate design

A total of : 9 wreaths, 9 arrangements, 12 patterns, 9 shields, 3 clock designs, 3 unicorn designs, 3 gate designs.

In continuation it contains:
– 5 watercolor washes infused wth flowers
– 5 sets of premade card designs each containing a variation with light background, one with dusky background and 1 PNG file with transparent background to be added to any desired background
– 10 velvet watercolor backgrounds

– Sophia Script
– Carrig Refined
Both can be purchased from CM.

If you liked this collection or you possess any questions please don’t hesitate to leave me a message or a comment, I would appreciate to hear from you!

Download Olden Times – graphic collection