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Next Level 6010 Men's Tri-Blend Crew

**score this in the unique STOREFRONT mega-bundle. 500+ Mockups. $79.**

Sell more with photo-realistic mockups created from the actual Next Level Apparel 6010 Men’s Tri-Blend Crew Tee. set aside simply, we set out to earn the highest quality apparel mockups available. This mockup pack includes six detailed Photoshop templates plus an easy to follow tutorial. 4K files ensure your designs gawk considerable on all displays, even when cropped and zoomed, and 3D mapping wraps your art to each shirt instantly for ultimate realism. Each template includes the complete brand color library so you can accurately replicate any fabric.

**3D Design Mapping**
– earn your design ultra-realistic
– Your design wraps to the fabric automatically
– “Smart objects” earn realistic 3D mapping simple and instant
– Embedded displacement maps included with every template

**Brand Color Library**
– Each template includes every Next Level Apparel color available for the 6010
– Easy on/off color selecting
– Custom color picker for fine-tuning colors or creating your own unique design

**4K HD**
– earn your design stand-out on every device
– Each file is 4000 x 4000 pixels
– Flawless on retina and HiDPI screens
– Crop and Zoom without concern

**Easy to exercise**
– Beginner-friendly templates, and guaranteed 24-hour turnaround support
– Simple, color-coded, and clearly labeled
– Each template includes an adjustable “Extra Design Details” layer to fine-tune your design

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