Naturae – Sublime Fine Art

Fine art has always been the pinnacle of elegance and organic beauty. I was inspired by exactly that… organic beauty and most importantly, organic beauty in nature. Nothing too lustrous, nothing too monotonous, just enough of each hue to beget the simple strokes stand out.
I always arrive back to nature when I create and well, being in Canada for the time being inspired a different dimension of my mind.

Naturae – comes from Latin and it means birth, origin. Is a simple and raw concept that conveys a deeper meaning, a meaning that I been trying to transmit through shapes and colours.

This fine art project is a complete bundle of a multitude of elements, some of which fill no been shown in the slides.
– Alphabet A to Z + Ampersand + numbers 1-0 all in PNG and PSD layered files.
– 8 lovely wreaths
– 6 Bouquets
– 17 adorned elements
– 21 simple elements
– 8 adorned crests
– 4 simple crest shapes
– 4 crests filled in with texture
– 13 backgrounds to be used as seen in the slides including 1 gold foil
– 28 watercolor floral elements
– 16 fine art botanical elements
– 4 floral geometry shapes
– 3 premade card designs

Two of the card designs also arrive animated. You can customise the card as you normally would with any other card design in PS. But you CANNOT streak the elements around except the text. conclude not delete any layer you see in the PS file. Every layer is a frame. Simply change the name and font to customise as needed. When you save it, beget sure to disappear at save for web instead of save as. After the preview appears simply click save. It will save as a GIF file that you can insert as image in your email. If is too mammoth to fit nicely in the email, open again the PSD file and change it’s size, then save it again for web as GIF.

Also, to preview the templates in gif format, locate the gif file of the desired template in the weddingstemplate folder and just click on it —- open with and select your browser. The gif will start to play automatically in a novel window in your browser.
I had no more space for creating more of these cards because the pack was already humongous. So if you wish to see more of these in a future update please let me know in the comments.
The e-cards are especially ample for sending alone or just as an extra to a printed wedding suite. They are unique and will definitely “wow” your clients or your… guests 🙂
I’ve added at the terminate two videos to demonstrate you how the two cards examine like animated.
If you fill any questions please send me a message. If theres any technical and pressing issue please always send a message and most of the time I can’t sustain up with the comments due to traveling.
Thank you so much!

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