Moose Vintage Label

Wild animal badge. mature school hand drawn t-shirt print apparel graphics. Retro Typographic Custom Quote Design. Textured Stamp effect. Vintage Style.

**Included :**
– 2 Retro Color designs;
– Editable text and outlined texts versions.

*Please **NOTE** – There are 3 fonts i used in this Label (1 free and 2 not free – for editable texts version you need to buy these fonts or spend your alternate fonts) Attached .txt with links to fonts.*

proper price, but if you want save more money – check this – **grand Adventure Vintage Labels – **

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Fell free to write me if You possess any questions and Thanks for any appreciation.


You can spend my graphics on personal or single commercial project, see Standard License

If you want to spend this product for commercial purposes :
– spend this product in multiple commercial projects,
– sell items with the product, were product gives a core value to the item (for example – you want to print badge on a t-shirt and sell it),
you need to buy **Extended License**

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