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Mid-Century Print Pack

**The Ultimate Collection for Getting Any Vintage Print Effect**

enact you fancy the contemplate of mid-century print work like you see in conventional comics, catalogs, and magazines from the 1950s? This collection of actions, brushes, and tutorials create it a breeze to become a master at achieving these effects.

**Here’s everything you bag with this kit:**
– Retro-Matic Registration Error Action Kit ($15 value)
– Photo Baker Illustrator Photograph Action Kit ($15 value)
– SparkPrint Monotone Action Kit ($15 value)
– InkChamp Subtle Ink Starve Action Kit ($15 value)
– The Blacksmith Subtle Ink Roughening Action Kit ($15 value)
– RetroPress Ink on Newsprint Action Kit ($15 value)
– Perfect-O-Tone Halftone Generator Kit ($15 value)
– Two versions of each action (one with easy text prompts and one without)
– Surprise brushes and goodies in packs to enhance effects including brushes and textures ($20 value)
– 10 well-produced video tutorials to display you how to expend the actions (plus, tutorials to teach you how to create the effects manually) ($47 value)
– 20 pieces of authentic clip art from the 1950s ($18 value)

**Here’s the effects you’ll be able to create with this kit:**
– Authentic registration errors
– Rugged monotone print effects
– Instant real halftones (using a trick I learned from one of my favorite illustrators)
– Photorealistic illustration effects from your photos
– Subtle rough ink textures
– Ink plate simulations

**Here’s every product you’ll bag in this gigantic bundle:**

**Retro-Matic ($15)**

Two registration error Photoshop actions, video tutorials that teach you to create the effect manually, and bonus subtle ink texture brushes.

**Photo Baker ($15)**

Two Photoshop actions that create your photographs contemplate like mid-century illustrations, video tutorials that teach you to create the effect manually, and bonus texture brushes to add subtle photo textures to your final work.

**SparkPrint ($15)**

Two Photoshop actions that create monotone print effects, video tutorials that teach you to create the effects manually, and bonus texture brushes to add imperfections to your halftones.

**InkChamp ($15)**

Two subtle ink starve Photoshop actions, video tutorials that teach you how to create the effect manually, and bonus ink soak texture brushes.

**The Blacksmith ($15)**

Two photoshop actions that will give your work that subtle rough ink edge that occurs when ink hits paper, video tutorials that teach you to create the effects manually, and bonus texture brushes to give your rough inky edges that final convincing touch.

**RetroPress ($15)**

Two Photoshop actions that create it easy to recreate the contemplate of black ink on newsprint, video tutorials that teach you to create the effect manually, and bonus texture brushes.

**Perfect-O-Tone ($15)**

*Only available with purchase*

Two Photoshop actions that replicate my favorite trick for creating halftones in Photoshop. I learned this trick from one of my favorite illustrators and had to turn it into an action. Plus, you’ll bag video tutorials that teach you to creat the effect manually.

**Here’re just a few of the effects you can bag with the Mid Century Print Pack:**

• Offset ink effect resulting from film-to-plate misregistration.
• Ink plate simulation resulting in ink pooling slightly in center.
• Rich black petroleum based ink halftone effects (like those in newspapers and catalogues).
• Subtle roughening of edges from ink soaking into pulp based newsprint.

What? You converse you’ve already purchased one of these items but still want this deal? Check out the FAQ section ; )


*”As someone who is not the greatest at Photoshop, but needed to be able to bag some print material done for my business in the 1950’s style. This is fantastic, it is exactly what I was after and was quite straight forward to expend. Thank you for being able to assume what I had in my head that I wanted, and now allowing me to create it a reality. I can’t commend this product enough!! :)”*

**Nathan S**

*”All the packages are so beautifully and thoughtfully done. mighty instructions. Infinite possibilities and options. Authentic contemplate and feel. I’m thrilled to bear the entire set to draw from. Please maintain up the mighty work!”*

**Roy A**

*”RetroSupply knocks it outta the park with SpartPrint! This is an incredible functional design tool. Halftone effects at the click of a button. Not only enact you bag the Halftone action, you bag some fantastic high-res brushes & textured paper with the kit. This is a must bear if you want to capture that retro product manual/packaging contemplate & feel! A++”*

**Amy N**

*”This easy to expend action is not only fun but quite practical. I bear already used this for a book cover and the results were fantastic! I truly appreciate Dustin’s videos because they support me see how easy to expend his products are.”*

**Josue M.**

*”I saw this action on creative market and had to give it a fade. The ink starve that is emulated is a mighty test on designs that are intended to be printed. mighty resource for mock-ups or getting a traditional, vintage contemplate.”*

**Joshua F**


*I believe RetroSupply products are the best design goods you can find anywhere. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, just send me a brief message within 30 days and I’ll give you another product free or refund your money. You can maintain the product!*

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