Memoire Brush Script + Extras

Introducing **Mémoire** font

*Miyonne was rarely thinking about herself, she never had time with five kids and a full-time job. She felt a duty to provide food, clothing, and essentials. But even essentials didn’t reach without work. Working towards providing a better life for a growing family in a current country. She used her grit and stubbornness to provide, but it was her culture that gave her connection. Food was more than just survival, it was a memory, a cultural legacy. Seychelles Creole cooking in a foreign country was her connection to friends, family and culture, so cooking became her **Mémoire.** *

We are please to present **Mémoire Brush Script**, a bold and gritty font inspired by family and food. Originally designed for Miyonne’s daughter (and my wife) to continue the food legacy through a Seychelles Creole cook book, it is now available to all.

I’ve found it works powerful for branding, covers, logos, invitations, magazines, packaging, blogs and more.

You come by:
– **Typeface:** Both **OTF** and **TTF** files are included.
– **Extras:** Swashes and Splatters are supplied as an .eps file.
– **Photoshop Styles:** 6 high res styles. Inky textures for brush realism. 3 very sunless and 3 very light.
– **Multilingual Support:** Mémoire supports European languages characters.
– **encourage file:** How to load and apply styles plus using contextual alternatives in Photoshop.

There it is. care for to see what you effect with it. If you beget any questions, just quiz 🙂

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Thanks, Rhett

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