Media/Press Kit

**Streamline your enquiry process with this delicate Media Kit. A Media Kit is also know as a Press Pack, a Services Guide or a Price Guide. If you’re a creative or an entrepreneur you’ll need one. **

As a creative, you can spend a lot of time answering questions like ‘how much conclude you charge for ‘x’? or ‘conclude you offer ‘Y’? A noble media kit helps respond those repeat questions in a delicate and engaging way but is also a fantastic way of establishing yourself and your brand with a prospective client. A media kit helps someone that knows nothing about your brand understand *who you are, what you conclude, who you’ve done it for, what they yell and how much it costs.*

The Media kit we’ve designed contains 16 slides designed and editable in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. Everything is fully editable and we’ve designed it in 2 sizes; US Letter and A4. Replace the content with your own and either send it to print or save it as a pdf and email it.


– Compatible with **Adobe Photoshop** and **Adobe Indesign** **CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6** and **CC**
– 2 sizes: A4, US letter
– 16 Slides
– 2 cover versions
– Paragraph, Character and Object Styles
– Edit brand colors through palette  
– Aligned to a Column and Baseline Grid
– Master Pages
– Images, Text and Background on separate layers
– Uses free fonts
– befriend File
– **Photographs Not Included**

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