Matte Premium Photoshop Actions

Premium Matte Photoshop Actions and Camera RAW presets. Matte Premium Photoshop Actions Collection & Camera RAW presets will give your photos a splendid, faded and stylish finish. It will benefit you create the perfect faded film effect for your images! This Photoshop Actions Collection contains 30 professional, clean, color-enhancing Photoshop actions. These professional photoshop actions enhance and add more splendid colors to pictures and get photos gawk stunning. Our Photoshop Actions are perfect for photographers and graphic designers. These photoshop actions will benefit you to perfect your photographs and backgrounds, get it unique and gawk gorgeous. With our Photoshop Actions, you will be able to add a professional finish to your images.


BeArt Matte Collection includes:

– **30 Photoshop actions (compatible with Photoshop CC, CC2014, CC2015 & CC2017 only**)
– **30 Photoshop Camera RAW Presets (compatible with Photoshop CS6 and later versions only**)
– **Work on RAW and JPEG images**
– **Compatible with both a Mac and PC**
– **Can be easily adjusted to fit your image**
– **Installation Instructions are included**
– **NOT compatible with Photoshop Elements and earlier versions of Photoshop**

– Lightroom version is also available:


• Matte Effect Cinema Effect Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Violet Tone Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect For You Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Green Tea Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect High Tone Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect More Contrast Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Strong Colors Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Travel Tone Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Vintage Tone Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect B&W Matte Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Fun Effect Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Neutral Tone Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Vivid Style Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect Your Dream Photoshop Action
• Matte Effect B&W Tone Photoshop Action


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You are allowed to sell photographs and artworks that gain been improved by the BeArt Presets. But you are not allowed to sell, distribute, bundle, rent, give, sublicense or otherwise transfer BeArt Photoshop Actions & ACR Presets, or the moral to spend the BeArt Adobe Camera RAW Presets and Photoshop Actions set to anyone else.


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