Letter Brushes for Procreate

**Procreate is an astounding app and one of the best on the iPad, but currently you’re unable to add type to your designs.** So I’ve save together 4 typeface brush sets with 26 letters, 10 numbers and an ampersand for each. You can alter the size and mix and match the styles. exercise them to produce typographic posters or just combine them with your hand lettering or illustrations.

**The 4 font styles you fetch are:**

– Condensed Sans
– Condensed Slab
– Extended Sans
– Extended Slab
– Plus PDF instructions on how to install them and add texture using the grain samples included in the Procreate app.

Please watch the below video to see how to add multiple brushes at once, as Procreate doesn’t own this feature and so a work around is needed otherwise you’ll own to import them one-by-one.


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