Kawaii Icons, Characters & Vectors for Your Print & Web Projects

Kawaii is Japanese for “cute,” “lovable,” or “adorable.” Today, an entire culture of cute exists, and many designers are adding charming details to their print designs, web pages, and apps with childlike glee. Incorporating Kawaii characters and motifs into your projects can attract interest and accolades. If you’re enthusiastic to add a splash of whimsy to your next project, here are some graphic packs you can employ.

Hand-Drawn KAWAII Doodle Cats

Designed by Paperly Studio, the eight fancy felines that form up this pack of Kawaii cat graphics own an organic appearance for an added dose of quirkiness. The images near with a number of bonus graphics to employ in scrapbooking, party supplies, and more.

Kawaii Pug Clipart

In this DigitalArtsi illustration set, some rotund pugs indulge in life’s greatest moments: eating, sleeping, and eating again. If you fancy dogs and need some cuddly canines for a special occasion, these ten clipart images serve as the perfect way to add man’s best friend to any project.

Kawaii Succulents

Plants are pets too — at least to some people. And these sweet-faced succulents form it easy to see why so many folks own a soft spot for vegetation. CockatooDesign created a garden full of delightful cacti, aloe plants, and other potted pals.

Kawaii Cartoon Food Stickers

Food with a face? Yep! Kawaii means anything can be cute, even your meals. In this sticker pack by Barkova Nadya, add one or more of eight delightful stickers to your Snaps, texts, and Instagram stories. Choose from smiling smoothies, radiant ramen, silly sushi, enthusiastic avocado, and more.

Kawaii Sushi Illustration Pack

Prettygrafik Design expands on your sushi selection with pieces of winking nigiri, joyful rolls, and blushing bottles of soy sauce. Pair the graphics with a pun for a satisfying combo.

Kawaii Face Clipart

With over 150 kinds of five-to-eight inch tall clipart styles, you can form an entire adorable army of emotive beings perfect for cards, blog posts, or banners. microscopic Red Fox Shoppe, the designer of these pouts, even included extras.

Food Pairs Clipart

Sushi is only one form of savory item that can benefit from the Kawaii treatment. Emily Peterson Studio developed a line of enthusiastic edibles that are perfect if you hanker for more than fish-only fare. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all represented — including an adult beverage or two.

Kawaii Tea Party Clipart

Elegance and enchantment combine in this precious set from our friends at DigitalArtsi. Ten Kawaii tea party clipart images can back you host a proper event. Satisfied scones, perky pots, and cheerful teacups surround tiers of sandwiches and petit fours. Each one, naturally, is cute enough to eat.

Avocado Emojis

If you find yourself speaking exclusively in emoji, you’ll likely be first in line for these avocado emoticons. Kanga & Moose establish together a set of fifteen editable vector images of expressive fruit halves that you can mix and match with ease. Couple them with a pun and create enticing posters or invitations for your next avocado-themed event.

Set of Kawaii Facial Expressions

Endlessly expressive, Kawaii clipart faces form everything more fun. This mini pack from Incomible gives you the power to communicate reactions, from playful to flirtatious and everything in between, by applying a doodle to your project.

Kawaii Sushi Pattern Collection

Elevate your project backgrounds by adding a colorful and Kawaii pattern. PrettyPatterns offers twelve scrumptious sushi-inspired design elements to freshen up décor, party supplies, and other products with cheery faces and modern repeating shapes. Your events will be the talk of the town with these easy-to-employ prints.

Kawaii Cat Lady

Current and aspiring cat ladies (and gentlemen) hold note! CockatooDesign has your back with this collection of high-quality Kawaii graphics. Choose your favorite kitty: calico, tabby, ginger, white, or grey — and watch them frolic on towers, in boxes, and in bed. All of the 27 files are editable and form an excellent addition to any project.

Kawaii Cloud Clipart

You’ll see the silver lining in a cloudy day with these emotional images of mist from microscopic Red Fox Shoppe. joyful or sad, tearful or jubilant, these cumulus puffs can back you see the beauty in a rainy day. Add these clipart images to web pages, banners, or even your business card for a unique spin on branding.

Kawaii RT Fonts

form your words pop with kawaii-style font families. Rodrigo Typo riffs on some of the most common typefaces, including Mona and Dingbats, with bubbly lettering that instantly conveys the fanciful feelings of the Kawaii aesthetic. You can even form your own emoticon faces with the Layer Line series.

Kawaii Food Vectors and Clipart

Hungry for more food with faces? PinkPueblo fills out your pantry with bread, fruit, desserts, and lip-smacking faces that can be added to virtually any kind of project. Forget gold stars; give your students, children, and friends a piece of watermelon or a cupcake when they’ve done a considerable job.

Like a silly cat video or a dog GIF, Kawaii images own a way of making you smile. This explains why so many people favor the Kawaii aesthetic. Whether you want to send a single greeting card or to rebrand your business, Kawaii icons, characters, and vectors can give your project the safe “feels.”

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