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Just Frames – Prints Mockups

**What’s the best way to display your printable artworks? Just Frames! **

** expend our 20 predefined (yet editable) scenes and A LOT of realistic frames in various sizes to display your art in seconds.**

No need to print your artworks. No need to hang it on the wall. And no need to retract photos to impress your customers! You can conclude it in seconds with ‘Just Frames’!

All 20 locations included were carefully selected to be simple if it comes to style, but powerful if it comes to experience.

Each location has 5 different frame sizes (8×10, 8.5×11, 11×11, A4 and 11×14 – 7 textures each) and both wall and a floor texture easily editable (separate layers). More than that, there are frameless canvases for each frame size (also, hanging on the ropes)!

**What does it mean? It’s 1400 variations total, so you can always find what you like!**

**Just Frames’ provides fabulous mockups including:**

– smart object based frames;
– 20 simple yet powerful locations (walls and floors);
– 7 texture variations per frame;
– 5 most celebrated frame sizes: 8”x10”, 8.5”x11”, 11”x11”, 11”x14”, A4 International (+ frameless for each);
– additional adjustments for more realistic observe;
– 72 dpi and 1800x1250px .psd files;
– and yes, frames are movable!

*All images used in previews are copyright of their respectfully owners & used only for preview purposes.*

It’s a co-op. product with Frisk shop. You can purchase this one in his shop as well:

**like and if you like it, please recommend it after purchase :)**

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