Irvington High Vector Brushes

**A Mixed Bag of Weird and Useful Illustrator Brushes for Illustrators and Designers**

2:00 AM on a Sunday night.

I’m working on the latest brush pack for you guys and an archaic song from high school pops on my Apple Music subscription (It’s a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads).

I started thinking about my high school stuff. My first beater car, doodling in notebooks, going on weekend adventures with my friends Gabe and Melissa.

In that spirit, I decided to produce a brush pack a tribute to high school nostalgia.

**Here’s some of our favorite ways to employ the pack:**
– Adding textured shading to your illustration work.
– Filling areas with color (like the stripe on the car – used one of the gray art brushes for it and set it to – Multiply in Blending Modes).
– Add distressed textures around the edges of stuff (set the brush to the same color as the background as employ conservatively on edges).

**Here’s everything you accept when you buy the pack:**
– 20 brushes including halftone interference patterns, hand made cross hatchers, watercolors, doodle fillers, and ink brushes.
– Instructions for installing, using, and tweaking your brushes.
– Our famed RetroSupply Quick Reference Sheet that shows you all the brushes, includes tips for using them, and the legend behind the pack.
– Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6.

**Grab the pack today and start bringing fresh strokes and textures to your illustration work!**

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Download Irvington High Vector Brushes

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