Instant T-Shirt Fabric Mockups

**This item is piece of my Next Level Apparel Bundle:** (← BEST VALUE)

*Note: There’s a link at the bottom to the video demonstration that covers what’s included and how to utilize these t-shirt fabric mockups.*

**Instant T-Shirt Fabric Mockups uses the Next Level brand to breathe life into your work. Whether you’re improving your portfolio, designing t-shirts for a client, or mocking up your next product, this is a must-occupy resource. Best of all, these mockups are accurate and easy to utilize!**

As a t-shirt designer myself, I understand how imperative it is to present strongly to my clients, and realistically mocking up the design before going to print does just that. So I set out to personally create the best most versatile t-shirt fabric mockups using both the Next Level #6010 Tri-Blend and #3600 100% Cotton blank.

These are the exact mockups I utilize in my freelance business, and my clients occupy really enjoyed seeing their product reach to life before they fade to print.

**3 Easy Steps to Mockup Your T-Shirt Designs:**
– Pick a t-shirt fabric
– Pick a t-shirt color
– Drop and position your design in the artwork smart object. Then let the auto 3D mapping finish its work on distorting it to the shirt’s wrinkles!

**T-Shirt Fabric Mockup Features:**
– Photorealistic results
– 20 Total Different Next Level Tri-Blend & Cotton t-shirt fabric mockups
– Many different color and texture combinations
– High Resolution (3200×3200 at 300ppi)
– Exact Next Level Cotton shirt color options
– Automatic 3D mapping of artwork with Displace Filters (Displacement Maps included)

If you occupy any questions about this product, send me a message and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

**Here’s a video demonstration of the Instant T-Shirt Fabric Mockups product. Learn what exactly is included and how to utilize these mockups here:**

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