Instagram Grid Posts Bundle

This bundle consists of **6 puzzle themes making a total of 162 Instagram Posts**.

Two lovely products joined together, the **Instagram Gris Posts – 3 Themes** and the **Instagram Grid Posts – Creators Edition**.

*You can find more information on each product by clicking the links below:*
– **Product 1:**
– **Product 2:**

**expend these templates to:**

– **Easily create Posts for your Instagram account feed with just one file save!**

– Give your Instagram feed a **cohesive, branded, gorgeous stare** and advance your Social Media Marketing.

– **Save time**.

– Edit and adjust the templates with your photos, text and colors to create a **distinguished social media presence**.


– 6 Photoshop (.psd) files *with slices*, one for each Template.
*Size 3240x9720pixels – containing 3×9 (27) Instagram Posts (each slice 1080x1080px)* **Total of 162 posts**

– 6 Themes included.

– A file with step-by-step instructions of how to edit, save and upload the images

– A .doc file containing links to the **free fonts** and **free photos** used. *Fonts and Photos are not included in the download files of this product, you need to follow the links to download them*

**Please Note**: You will need ADOBE PHOTOSHOP in order to be able to expend and edit this product.

**Terms Of expend**

Info here

**That’s all from me, please don’t hesitate to message me if you acquire any questions…or if you just wanna yelp hello!**

Download Instagram Grid Posts Bundle