I Want All the Illustrator Brushes


We’ve bundled all of our Illustrator brush packs at a 69% discount. **That’s 623 brushes (and you’ll save $221)!**

Buying these packs individually would cost you $318. You **save $221** when you purchase this bundle.

**HERE’S WHAT YOU accumulate:**

**The Dead Pen | A Wicked frosty Hand Drawn Tool Kit ($29)** https://crmrkt.com/V66pvE

Give your work a hand-drawn fine liner pen perceive with this collection of 20 scatter brushes, 16 line brushes, 26 no-stretch pattern brushes, 9 pattern swatches, and 2 pieces of Ai artwork so you can see exactly how the brushes are applied.

**Grave Etcher | Vector Engraving Brushes ($29)** https://crmrkt.com/59qrOE

188 realistic engraving brushes for every Illustrator situation you can dream of. Includes multi-line and single line brushes and extra short, short, medium, and long versions.

**Drunk Sailor | Vector Stippling Brushes & More ($29)** https://crmrkt.com/59mVoK

Create perfect stippling and shading in mouse click instead of creating a hundred dots. Includes 38 stippling brushes made from real pen and bristol board, 20 pen liner with subtle stroke variation, 5 specialty brushes including ropes, stars, and dots, and 3 Illustrator files of artwork so you can see how the brushes are applied.

**Black Magic Halftones | Vector Halftone Pattern Brushes ($29)** https://crmrkt.com/B7mg92

80+ halftone brushes and swatches that give you perfect halftone patterns in your illustrations. This pack includes halftone brushes, halftone patterns, and seamless halftone swatches. Halftones near in standard (10-90%0, tapered, gradient and edge variations.

**VectorTone: Pattern Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/prgPvz

35 halftone and line textures created from a $200 ’50s army surplus catalog. Easy to exercise: just grab the Blob brush, and paint halftones and lines like magic!

**VectorHero: Ink Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/2VRwM2

40 ink pen brushes that let you quickly achieve the same kind of warm, realistic strokes illustrators used in mid-century commercial illustration work.

**VectorFuzz: brush and sponge textures ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/qgr4Q9

32 vector sponge and ink scatter brushes – crafted from real acrylic and ink textures – that beget it easy to recreate the textures of mid-century children’s books.

**Battery Acid Vector Brushes ($19)**

15 vector brushes created from corroded batteries, rusty metal and textures from 1950’s celebrated Mechanics catalogs.

**Irvington High Vector Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/A5wrEA

20 vector brushes including halftone interference patterns, handmade cross hatchers, watercolors, doodle fillers, and ink brushes.

**Fuel Station Vector Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/pV28z6

20 brushes including dry streaks of India ink, smears of black motor oil, find splatters of black grime, and brushes loaded with parched black pigments.

**Wax & Oil Vector Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/3j0V49

15 vector art brushes created from 60-year-old-fashioned wax crayons. Includes 15 no-stretch versions.

**The Woodcut Brush Kit ($29)** https://crmrkt.com/7yBXA7

Give your illustrations realistic woodcut, block print, and linocut effects with this collection of 32 woodcut brushes for Adobe Illustrator and 24 ink texture brushes for adding finishing touches in Photoshop.

**Drygoods: Chalk Brushes ($15)** https://crmrkt.com/g7Rq28

23 ultra-realistic chalk brushes, inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the ’30s.

**InkWash: Ink and Watercolor Brushes ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/J71m5x

30 ink and water brushes that beget it easy to add a wash of color and shading to your work with just the swipe of your mouse.

**VectorSketch: Charcoal Pencils ($19)** https://crmrkt.com/B7QDd9

40 deluxe pencil and charcoal brushes to achieve the impossible: realistic pencil strokes in Illustrator.


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