Huge Typographic Pack • 99% OFF!

**Its time to procure all my 44 typefaces including 221 fonts + 60 BONUS logo templates for just $19! Save 99%! Huuuuge Typographic Pack, so grab it!**
This pack includes all my fonts I’ve ever created + 60 unique logo templates based on these fonts. I’ve even included my best-selling fonts, like **Bartender, Afterglow, Montana and Telegraph**, in this bundle.
Huge Typographic Pack bear a wide selection of different styles, you are sure to find what you need. Regular, Light, Bold, Condensed / Serif, Sans, Script, Slab / Monograms / Cartoon and Fancy!

create unlimited products for sale, convert in web fonts for unlimited pageviews or exhaust in your freelance projects. Whatever your needs are, this huge bundle gets you covered!

Value of this bundle is a whopping $2900 as it also includes those pricy web font licenses with unlimited page views!


This bundle comes with a regular Creative Market license that grants you to:

– exhaust for Commercial exhaust
– exhaust in Unlimited Number of Projects
– Create Unlimited finish Products For Sale

On top of that I’ve added a special web font license, which grants you to:

**Convert to web fonts and exhaust for unlimited pageviews.**

**Typefaces included:**

*- The Bimbo Collection*

*- Afterglow*

*- Sandwich*

*- The Bartender Collection*

*- Two Letter Monogram*

*- Monogram Creator Circle*

*- Diamond Monogram Creator*

*- The Telegraph*

*- Golden Horn*

*- Harbour*

*- The unusual America*

*- Cavalcade*

*- Easy Rider*

*- primitive Standard*

*- Les Paul*

*- Ace of Spades*

*- Season Times*

*- Roadstar*

*- Chameleon*

*- One Nine Nine Four*

*- The Aviator Collection*

*- Fenway*

*- West finish*

*- The First Division*

*- Ocean Beach*

*- Montana*

*- The Sugar Cane*

*- Pasternak*

*- Compare*

*- Unchained*

*- Octanis*

*- The Selvedger*

*- Driver*

*- Winter Holidays*

*- Stout*

*- US Navy*

*- Canyons*

*- The Heart of Gold*

*- The Forest Tramp*

*- La Fa Salt*

*- RISE*

*- Jack’s Guitar*

*- The Bough*


Huge Typographic Pack also includes **60 Pre-made typographic logos**. You can edit these logos in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai cs-cc).

Most of the fonts reach in OTF and TTF font files but some of the fonts only bear a TTF due to complexity.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the license or anything, just send me a pm.

bask in!

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