How to originate a Puzzle on Instagram: 15 Ready-to-utilize Kits

When you utilize a visually consistent aesthetic, those who visit your Instagram profile can quickly grasp what your brand is all about. A creative way to originate your Instagram profile stand out is to create an Instagram puzzle. Instagram puzzles utilize multiple images to create a larger artboard that connects type, color, and imagery in a cohesive way. Creative Market designers enjoy built templates to originate these puzzles much easier to create. All you enjoy to enact is open these files in Photoshop and tweak the content to fit your brand’s own messaging. Here are 15 of the best Instagram puzzle kits to find started:

Rosegold Instagram Puzzle

Rosegold Instagram Puzzle was created by Trendest Studio. This package contains 27 designs for Instagram puzzle layouts that are pink and girly. The set comes with a video tutorial included to attend you figure out how to utilize it. These posts near in 1 Photoshop file.

Instagram Puzzle Template

Instagram PUZZLE template – Geometric is another set of 27 Instagram post templates in a Photoshop file made by CreativeFolks. Photos are not included in the templates, and you can completely customize them on your own. This set is ideal for travel, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty Instagrammers.

Mermaid Vibes Instagram Puzzle Feed

The puzzle template set Mermaid Vibes Instagram Puzzle Feed is aptly named because it has distinct ocean vibes, and it’s a powerful set of templates for summertime, fashion posts, beauty brands, and more. The set comes in 3 color themes: aqua, pink, and purple. This set was created by Rachel Lang Creative.

Instagram Puzzle: Pearl

Heloxandro came up with Instagram Puzzle – Pearl. This set comes with 27 imagines included courtesy of Unsplash, so you can utilize exactly what you find (or edit them as you see fit). Some of the pieces of the puzzle enjoy quotes on them, to add inspiration to your feed. This set is powerful for bloggers, designers, fashion brands, and more.

Instagram Puzzle Template: Traveller

This set of puzzle templates, Instagram PUZZLE template- Traveller, was made by CreativeFolks to be used by travel Instagrammers. Photos are not included, but the designer did include a PDF with links to the photos if you want to download and utilize them.

Photos & Puzzle

OntheMoon created PHOTOS & PUZZLE. NOVEMBER. This set has 30 JPG files, 1 PSD file, a video file with cinemagraphs, and a tutorial about how to utilize this puzzle template. It also has a Lightroom preset to add to your own photos so they match the rest of the posts. This set has a minimalistic, simple aesthetic.

Instagram Grid Posts: 3 Themes

Instagram Grid Posts has 27 files in it to create a puzzle on your feed. There are 3 distinct Photoshop files, each for a theme: lifestyle, wedding, and foodie. The designer has also included a .doc file with the links to the free fonts and photos used in the mockup, in case you want to utilize them, too.

Magnolia Instagram Puzzle Template

Magnolia Instagram Puzzle Template has 30 posts with fully editable elements. It was created by Studio Sumac and according to the designer, has a “soft, minimalist aesthetic that’s both eye-catching and professional.”

Instagram Puzzle: Hola

This set of Instagram puzzle templates was created by Helloxandro to reflect pop culture influences. It is called Instagram Puzzle – Hola, and the templates mix quotes, photos, and drawings. The designer intended for this puzzle to be used by bloggers, fashion brands, designers, travelers, and anyone who wants a cohesive gaze on their Instagram feed.

Instagram Puzzle Template: Polaroid

This grid template created by CreativeFolks has a Photoshop file with 27 posts in it. The fonts in the template are free, and photos are not included, but you can find the links to them in an included PDF. Instagram PUZZLE template makes your photo puzzle gaze as if it is a collage of Polaroid photos, so choose it for a distinctly hipster or vintage gaze.

InstaGrid 5.0: Instagram Puzzle

Silver Stag created InstaGrid 5.0 – Instagram Puzzle. The one Photoshop file that comes with the purchase has 27 posts in it, as well as the Loving Rose SVG Watercolor Font. When you purchase this, you also find more than 150 Watercolor and Brush Drawings and Swatches. This puzzle is distinctly soft and whimsical, so consider using it for a clothing store, beauty brand, or even a cosmetics line.

Golden Instagram Puzzle

Golden Instagram Puzzle by Advina store is an Instagram puzzle template with gold floral accents. This set of posts is generous for Instagrammers who want to incorporate floral or natural elements into their feed. Its accents are also ideal for brands that sell gold or metallic products.

Charming Instagram Puzzle Template

AgataCreate made Charming Instagram Puzzle Template, which contains 27 Instagram posts. Included in the templates are plant shapes and marble textures.

Instagram Puzzle Template

Marie T’s Instagram Puzzle Template is stylish and minimalistic. The designer recommends the set for fashion brands or personal blogs.

Fine Instagram Puzzle Template

Fine Instagram Puzzle Template from AgataCreative incorporates hand-drawn leaves and branches for a more natural feel. These 27 posts are fully editable, and there are links to download all of the images included in the mockup.

Instagram is a powerful branding tool, and puzzles are a fun way to create visual interest. If you are ready to enact an Instagram refresh, you can also browse Creative Market for more Instagram-centered assets, like themes, templates for memoir covers, profile photos, quotes, and more.

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