Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG

Let your hair down and delight in the ride with **Havana Sunset**! Analogue meets digital in this font duo, pairing a carefree & textured script font with a trendy all-caps sans-serif – creating the perfect typography contrast for fun, free & stylish design projects.

This font duo is packed full of extra features; The script font includes a **full alternate** set of characters, as well as an additional **SVG** version, containing extra high-resolution textures. The sans font includes both a **filled** and an **outlined** version, giving you a variety of layout options. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with!

**Here’s a flee through everything included in your purchase;**

1. **Havana Sunset Script ** Font • A free-flowing, textured script font. consume this version if you need the font in a traditional vector format, but still maintaining an authentic rough paintbrushed finish to it’s edges.

2. **Havana Sunset SVG** Font • consume this version of the script font to re-create stunning hand-lettering with high-definition brush textures, completely **built in** to the font as a transparency.
**Requires Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer) to consume.**

3. **Havana Sunset Sans Filled** Font • A tall, bold, condensed sans font with a gargantuan impact. Contains upper-case only characters and a solid body.

4. **Havana Sunset Sans Outlined** Font • An outlined version of the Havana Sunset Sans font with a hollow body, giving you an additional layout option.

5. **Photoshop File** • If you’re unable to access the SVG font, but would still like the high definition characters, I’ve included the full SVG glyph set as separate images in a layered Photoshop file, which you can simply copy and paste into your document.

6. **Havana Script Alternates** • Havana Sunset Script & Havana Sunset Script SVG both include an ‘Alt’ version, this has replaced all of the script characters with a completely original set. If you wanted to avoid letters looking the same each time to recreate custom lettering, or try a different word shape, simply switch to the ‘Alt’ fonts for an additional layout option.

7. **Language Support** • All fonts include language support for; English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay

8. **Swashes** • Havana Sunset Script fonts include 5 swashes; consume these to underline your script text and add a stylish finishing touch. Swashes are not assigned to any character and need to be accessed through a Glyphs panel. SVG Swashes are only accessible through the .PSD file included.

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to drop me a message if you had any queries! reach and utter hello over on Instagram! 🙂 www.instagram.com/setsailstudios

~ Sam

Download Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG