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Handdrawn Patterns Bundle

A Massive all **handdrawn – handmade Patterns Bundle! – 302 VECTOR PATTERNS in 1** huge bundle!

10 Best Selling Pattern sets all in one unbelievable bundle with a discount of **85% OFF**.

Initially costing $193 now **only $29**!

They are all unique and handdrawn! You can be creative with colors and sizes with these all vector graphics, they can be edited and scaled up with no loss in quality!

These top products can be ideal as backgrounds for branding projects, packaging, fashion apparel, posters, leaflets, wallpapers or just try them as backgrounds on the web!


– 40 Ethnic Style Seamless Vector Patterns!

– 12 Confetti Style Seamless Vector Patterns!

– 40 Spring Forest Seamless Vector Patterns

– 30 Kids Seamless Patterns

– 40 Seamless Vector Cats Patterns

– 40 Seamless Ink Patterns

– 40 Simple Line Handdrawn Seamless Vector Patterns

– 10 Scribbles & Scratches Seamless Vector Patterns

– 40 Scandinavian Patterns

– 10 Unicorns & Rainbows seamless patterns set, combined with 5 digital papers of rainbow gradients

– **A total of 302 Illustrator vector patterns**

– Scalable vector graphics (with no loss in quality)
– Editable vectors
– Readme instructions file

**VIDEO** How to change the color of a pattern in Illustrator

**VIDEO** How to change the size of a pattern in Illustrator

If you want to change the size of the pattern when used budge to Object Transform Scale but with only Transform Patterns ticked. Then change the size %. If it seems to not work, build sure the selection isn’t grouped.

If you like to consume the pattern as a smart object in Photoshop you can click on the pattern from the brushes panel in Illustrator, then select all (Ctrl +A) and then budge ahead and paste it into your Photoshop file as a smart object.

**Terms Of consume**

Items purchased under the Standard License may be used to create halt Products for Sale where lifetime sales of the halt Product for Sale conclude not exceed 500 units. Items purchased under the Extended License may be used to create halt Products for Sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times.

More info here

**That’s all from me, please don’t hesitate to message me if you beget any questions…or if you just wanna snort hello!**

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