Framezilla. 30 Frame Mockups


***— Framezilla 2 is now available: — ***

**Print designers, Etsy sellers, Bloggers, Pinterest Enthusiasts ― on the board! We’ve prepared absolutely unique offer to let you present your prints instantly: 30 frame mockups with extended license included!**

This pack is worth $300 (30x$10 each) or more on the market, but we admire to support independent designers and – for a limited time only – the price is as low as $19 (also an extended license!). **Grab it ASAP, we’re planning to design the price much higher within next few weeks**.

**Some most principal things (because we respect your time):**
– this set includes 30 separate mockups (.psd files) and there could be more in future (free updates if you earn this product now),
– each frame and document size you can find here:
– many frame sizes/textures/add-ons and backgrounds are included:
– each canvas is easily editable via smart object,
– all mockups are editable, so you can easily (re)walk any element,
– each document is 72 dpi,
– peep at the sample prints inside these mockups to earn an thought how your prints can peep like,
– prints shown as a samples are not included inside.

If there is not your frame size, we can design custom work for you. Then please let us know about the details via private message so we can set up all details. We charge extra for this.

If you acquire any questions, we’re here and tickled to back – just drop a private message or let us know in comments :).

**― tickled designing everyone!**

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