Frame’azing ‒ 8×10 Mockups

**Print designers, Etsy sellers, Photographers, Bloggers, Pinterest Enthusiasts, Hobbyists ― on the board! 20+ frame mockups, 8×10 in size, are waiting for your artworks, letterings, illustrations, photos, quotes, doodles and more! And all this with a free extended license included!**

This pack includes 20+ separate (and different) Photoshop ready-to-travel mockups worth $210 (21x$10 each) or more on the market, but we worship to support independent designers and – for a limited time only – the price is as low as $19 (also an extended license is discounted!). It’s 91% off regular price! Grab it ASAP, we’re planning to create the price much higher within next few weeks.

Some most famous things (because we respect your time):

– this set includes 20+ separate mockups (from our “Framezilla” bundle,
– you can find 20 .psd files inside (so you need PS CS3 or higher) and there could be more in near future (free updates if you regain this product now!),
– each frame and document size you can find on the 2nd screenshot above,
– many frame sizes/textures/add-ons/plants and backgrounds are included (see 3rd screenshot above),
– each canvas is easily editable via smart object, so it takes seconds (literally!) to space your artwork inside the frame with no additional efforts,
– .pdf instructions are included in case you’re original to mockups (mockups are fun, believe us!),
– all mockups are editable, so you can easily (re)stride any element,
– each document is 72 dpi,
– leer at the sample prints inside these mockups (on the preview screenshots) to regain an understanding how your prints caan leer like,
– prints shown as a samples are not included inside,
– total size of the .zip file with a product is 278 MB.

If you gain any questions, we’re here and glad to relieve – just drop a private message or let us know in comments :).

*― glad designing everyone!*

Download Frame’azing ‒ 8×10 Mockups