Flower Market Clipart Collection

Flower scent is a thing that should never vanish, never leave your bedroom as well as your custom-made artworks. With our **Flower Market Vol.1**, the so-called “Vie en rose” is no more a myth, but a current manner to showcase your feelings and design. Over 400 elements, eight shots for every flower of the collection – so stay doubtless, you will find the proper one for your project without hesitations and long reflections.

The diversity of magnificent flowers will acquire the one marvel – roses, tulips, clove pinks, jonquils, various wildflowers and more. It means whether it’s a nostalgic card, commercial newsletter or a juicy, vibrant web page – you’ll pick up the proper bloom for your purpose.

**Discover inside:**
– Unique mockups, based on the high-resolution real photographs;
– 425 isolated objects in PSD format;
– Each flower comes in 8 different versions for each angle.

Let your artworks strike and amaze the community!

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