Flash Sale! Feminine Logo Gigabundle

Flash Sale! Feminine Logo Gigabundle Upto 31 October 2018…


**$5,000+ worth of best selling and most current Premade Branding Logo Templates, PowerPoint Template, Social Media Pack and Resume Templates are offered into this pack just for $29 :)**

**The Biggest Premade Branding Logo Gigabundle of CreativeMarket to save your tons of time!** Premade logos are so current because they are easy to spend, time saving, classy and creative.

You must be delighted with your current Brand Design, because unlimited possibilities are here at this giga bundle.

***Just one purchase, You will come by FREE life time update + current logos every month. You don’t need to purchase another logo bundle.***


***Each of the logo of this pack are very exclusive, premium quality and costs minimum of $10 but you are getting all of them only at $29.***


***Best Selling Premade Logo Mega Bundles***

– **Ladyboss Premade Branding Logo Pack**
– **Ladylike Premade Brand Logo Pack**
– **Watercolor Premade Branding Logo Kit**
– **Girlboss Premade Branding Logo Pack**
– **Maleboss Premade Branding Logo Pack**
– **Awesome Logo & Design Creation Kit**

***Best Selling Resume Tempales***

– **Incredible Single Page Resume**
– **2 Pages Clean Resume CV – Pandora**
– **Clean Resume CV – Hudson**
– **Clean Resume CV – Silly**
– **2 Pages Swiss Resume | Extended Pack**

***Best Selling PowerPoint & Social Media Tempales***

– **Stylish Social Media Pack**
– **Best Sellers PowerPoint Mega Pack**
– **JENNIFER Minimalist Presentation**


Each logo sets are made for **TOTAL BRAND PACK!**

**The earlier you buy, the more you save. Forever!**

All files are high resolution 300dpi in Photoshop and Illustrator. So build as large as you want.

**”1500+ of Ready To spend Logos, 100+ Textures, 15 Social Media Pack!, 1600+ PowerPoint Slides and 5 Best Selling Resume Templates”**


**joyful Feedback From Real Customers **

*“adore adore adore this branding logo pack. They are all simple but so sophisticated. I honestly cannot resolve which logo I adore the best. The coolest thing is that you can combine elements from each design. I believe almost paid this price for just one design on other sites. Now I believe all of the elements to create whatever watch I want!”* – ***Dawn Oglesby***

*“Just purchased and I’m totally in adore with every single logo!!!!*” – ***Rebecka G. Sendroiu***

*”I believe both the lady boss logos and the watercolor designs! They are both so lovely and believe helped me tremendously with my website branding! Definitely recommend! 💖”* – ***Angelica Tapia***

*“adore, adore, adore this package! It has saved me so much time and aggravation.”* – ***Rena McDaniel***

*“adore the packs & updates are BOSS! Thank you SO much! :)”* – ***Kimberly Broome***

*“Such a distinguished pack! I’ve been able to build so many current images with this!”*- ***kate Costa***

*“distinguished branding pack – adore it!”* – ***Cheryl Borisenko***

*“adore this!”* – ***Robin King***

*“Stunning pack! I adore the metallic touches!”* – ***Bridie Roberts***

*“What an improbable value for everything that’s included! I will be using these assets to rebrand and to design. Thank you again.”*-***Kori Tomelden***

*“adore the updates. Exactly what I needed for a current logo.”* – ***Kerry Scholfield***

*“lovely designs! Makes it super easy to create a professional, on-trend logo. Thank you!!”* – ***Krystine Marie***

*“You are Awesome 🙂 adore Your Logos. Thank you so much :)”*-***Muhammad Hassan***

*“I absolutely adore this logo pack. It allowed me to quickly create a current logo. The choices are improbable!”* – ***Georgia Smith***

*“Thanks for creating this improbable, lovely logo pack! It has helped me many times with branding my blog”* – ***eleagian***

*“Hi There – these premade logos ROCK. chilly beans. Thanks so much. improbable product. Saved me a ton of time.”* – ***Lisa Rodriguez***

*“This Logo Pack is absolutely distinguished!”* – ***Joanna B.***

*“Hi, I just bought this product and I’m delighted, it’s wonderful, thank you!”* – ***Vanessa De Bonis Dantas***

*“adore your stuff!!!”* – ***Kathy Birkett***

*“I adore this pack! l spend it all of the time and I really appreciate the time that it saves me!”* – ***Rena McDaniel***

*“adore this package so much and has everything I needed for such a distinguished price! Thank you for creating this!”* – ***Skye Guilliams***

*“So many different and lovely logos and ways to execute them!”* – ***Elizabeth Hall***

*“adore it! improbable logo pack for women!!”* – ***NESLIGUL ADLIG***

*“This social media logo pack is essential for any business owner that likes to execute their own logos or switch them up once in a while. This pack is HUGE, full of extra goodies and I always come by compliments on mine. Thanks!”* – ***Nichole McKeever***

*“I adore this collection. So many lovely fonts to choose from.”* – ***Jaron Stone***

*“I purchased this a while ago. It’s definitely on trend with the minimalist style of logos that today’s design and branding market likes. I’ve used it many times already, with easy, excellent results. Also, mediate out of the box…this set can be used for more than just logos or branding; I’ve used it in creative ways…card design, pattern creation, blog graphics…it’s very useful and much more versatile than the creators even give it credit for!”* – ***MsWhims***

*“The perfect branding pack, only problem I believe is deciding which logo to choose. Its so hard because I adore them all!”* – ***Chaadae Williams***

*“I’ve loved this pack! Has saved me SO much time!”* – ***Rosemary Watson***

*“Absolutely adore the products and can’t wait to finish re-creating my branding with it”* – ***Kiralee Taylor***

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*“Wonderful pack for those who need a modern, professional logo quickly.”* – ***Stacy***

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*“My favorite CM investment hands down! Thank you so much 😊”* – ***Annalisa Coleman***

*“I adore this branding pack and how often it’s updated with current stuff for us! THANK YOU!”* – ***Sheena Gallegos***

*“Absolutely lovely!”* – ***Nilda Santiago Ryan***

*“I am simply AMAZED by this Digital pack. WOW!!! Thank you for having this bundle at such an unbelievable price!!! I adore it!!!! It is so much fun to depart through all the logos and design pieces…lovely work, and I can’t wait to play with this!”* – ***Sherri Mitchell***

*“adore the updates!!”* – ***Kathy Birkett***

*“Just bought. I’ve been looking for the perfect feminine yet not flowery logos for my personal websites, products and watermarks. I can’t wait to spend these!”* – ***Rachael Towne***

*“adore this branding pack!!!!!”* – ***April Mendoza***

*“Best pack ever. I was a current customer and this pack grabbed my attention first. adore it”* – ***Erin Daniels***

*“Absolutely adore this!! Thank you!!!”* – ***Whitney Bush***

*“adore this branding pack!!!!!”* – ***April Mendoza***

*“thank you adore the logos”* – ***Helen Duncan***

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*“improbable work!!! Perfect fit for my business! Thank you! :*”*- ***Réka Lendvai***

*“distinguished Ideas! – ***Stephanie Wilson***

*“WOW! This is improbable !!”* – ***Yessie Mieres***

*“I adore this logo pack, it’s the most versatile and user friendly one I’ve bought. It’s overflowing with lovely designs too. Thank you for continuing to update it!!”* – ***JaneWorld***

*“lovely logo pack! Very joyful with it, money well spent!”* – ***Nicole Varga***

*“This bundle is a blessing, very easy to follow steps, the info packs included were so helpful. You can declare it was well set aside together. My money was well spent. Absolutely no regrets just loads of fun.”* – ***Bloom Creates***

*“Freaking awesome kit proper here!”*- ***Kay DiFranco Plumlee***

*“Has to be one of my top favourites in Creative Market”* – ***Kathy Birkett***

*“distinguished logo packett, the designs are clean and classy. I adore that there are 3 different options for each logo type. I believe My regular one and a round one which I spend as a sticker. Would adore to update the package I purchased to come by more options!”* – ***Dawn Conway***

*“This is the BEST packet of graphics, logos and style designs for our branding needs I’ve ever found! Money very well spent!”* – ***Denise Jackson-Gunter***

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*”HANDS DOWN easiest, most user-friendly logo templates download I’ve ever purchased. I can’t declare you how non-frustrating this is! KUDOS! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”* – ***Angela Quick***

*”These logos are a distinguished starting point for working with my clients. The included textures are lovely but they designs work well with other textures like water colors as well.”* – ***Tali Koziol Thomason***

*”I appreciate all the How to documents that are easy to build all the customization! Lovely sets!”* – ***Sherry Dornblaser***

*”lovely logo pack. Absolutely joyful with this purchase.”* – ***Helen McDonald***

*”Best logo pack ever! adore it!”* – ***Katarina Fiebelkorn***

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*”Classy, creative timeless designs! adore!”* – ***Amy McIntyre***

*“adore IT! expeditiously response for support too!”* – ***Breanna Matthews***

*”I purchased this branding logo pack and was beyond pleased with the product. I believe referred many of my friends to this site so that they can check it out. This pack is improbable! Everything I wanted…”* – ***Shanay Butler***

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*”adore theses logos. There is so much variety the watermarks on my images watch improbable.”* – ***April Dawson***

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*”I really adore this logo pack. thank you so much”* – ***Danila Olivetti***

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*“Glad I purchased! Very helpful as well!”* – ***Beth Rau***

*“This has been one of my favorite purchases from Creative Market. I try to budget certain amounts within a month to spend on the site, and this pack made it to the top of my list!”* – ***Brandi Carson***

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*“distinguished product which gave me lots of ideas!”* – ***Bee Chua***

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*“Absolutely adore!!! Thank you! A +++++++++++”* – ***Mishel Ruggiero***

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*“Thank you so much! What incredible service you believe! I adore the designs and wish you all my best!”* – ***Liz Knutson***

*“I cannot snort enough trustworthy things about this bundle. It’s saved me a ton of time and all my clients are extremely joyful. Bravo!”* – ***Jane Lee***

*“So awesome! I can’t snort enough – if you are reading the reviews – just come by the bundle – you won’t regret it!! :)”* – ***Candace Towner***


**Minimum Software Requirements for PC or Mac:**

– PDF Reader
– Adobe Illustrator CC, CS 4, CS 5, CS 5.5 or CS 6
– Or Any version of Adobe Photoshop
– Microsoft word or Adobe InDesign for Resumes


**This is an EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT, Only available here at CreativeMarket.**


**Product Update History**

– **May 2, 2018** – *180 current logos added with current fonts for Photoshop & Illustrator. Also font links updated.*

– **November 13, 2017** – *30 current logos added with current fonts for Photoshop & Illustrator. Also font links updated.*

– **September 30, 2017** – *current PowerPoint Template Added!*

– **September 3, 2017** – *60 current logos added with current fonts for Photoshop & Illustrator. Also font links updated.*

– **July 20, 2017** – *30 current logos added with current fonts for Photoshop & Illustrator.*

– **June 24, 2017** – *30 current logos added with current fonts for Photoshop & Illustrator.*

– **June 1, 2017** – *54 current logos added with current fonts, 10 current gold foil textures added and 5 Brand board temples for Photoshop & Illustrator.*

– **May 14, 2017** – *30 current logos added to logo pack with current fonts and 10 current rose gold textures added.*

– **April 28, 2017** – *30 current logos added to logo pack by adding current font combinations.*

– **April 4, 2017** – *30 current logo added to logo pack with current fonts and back files update also all in one font download links included.*

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