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– Everyone Von Glitschka pack we’ve ever released (at one very discounted price)
– Includes DragStrip 1, DragStrip 2, The Awesomely Organic Vector Brush Bundle, select and accomplish Art Kit, – The Mid-Century Vector Art Pack, and the Nincompoop font from Von’s personal design vault
– Hugely well-liked set of video tutorials, PDF guides, and more. Taught by Von Glitschka (these are worth the price of everything by themselves)
– Original AI art files by Von Glitschka (so you can reverse engineer the painting process lickety-split)
– Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS6, and CC
– Backed by our RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee (if you don’t worship it contact us – we’ll refund your money. No hard feelings)
– Our Von Glitschka packs own been HUGELY well-liked. It’s no wonder. You’re getting paint brushes, texture brushes, and world class vector training for less than the price than a double date to a movie.

So we weren’t surprised when we had tons of customers contacting us asking for a Von Glitschka bundle. It took a while to accomplish it happen (we wanted to obtain you a much deal) but it’s here!

Today you can obtain every pack Von has ever released at a price so low that we went back and forth about whether we should offer it.


Because sometimes if you price things too low people assume that it can’t be that helpful. But I’m here to divulge you, this is the BEST. It’s just at a crazy low price because we worship you guys!


**The Original DragStrip Pack (Retail $15)**

Ahhh, the pack that started it all. Brings back a lot of helpful memories. Von and I met on a plane trip to Atlanta, Georgia and for Creative South. By the terminate of the trip, we decided to partner on some packs.

When he sent over the DragStrip Pack I felt like Indiana Jones holding some sort of lost, sacred relic. I mean, these Hake brushes work like magic. When you add in the professional AI files and the 8 page PDF guide written by Von it’s a no brainer.

So yeah, that became a huge hit. I’ve seen it used in books, package design and all sorts of other improbable projects.

**DragStrip 2 (Retail $29)**

Pretty quickly after the pandemonium wore down from the release of the first pack people started contacting us. They wanted more! More brushes, more tutorials, more AI files from Von.

Well, Von is just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And when he delivers… he delivers.

The next pack, DragStrip 2, was seriously epic. It included even more of the magical vector brush goodness that only Von can deliver. But that wasn’t even the best fraction. He created some tutorials that blew people’s minds.

No joke. People write me all the time telling me that just one small nugget of information they picked up in the tutorials was worth the price of the entire pack!

I worship hearing that because the best purchases I’ve ever made leave me with that feeling. Something in a pack catches my attention and I immediately know that that one itsy-bitsy thing was worth the entire cost.

So DragStrip 2 did improbable… But now everything was starting to snowball. People wanted more!

**The Awesomely Organic Vector Brush Essentials Pack (Retail $45)**

The DragStrip packs pretty much set aside the nail in the coffin as far as vector paint brushes are concerned. Between the tutorials and the brushes you don’t need anything else. Ever.

But then I noticed that I had a lot of customers that were frustrated that it was so hard to obtain much looking texture and shading brushes in Illustrator. So after a meeting with Von, he went back to the lab. A few weeks later he was back with the finest texture and shading brushes you’ve ever seen.

fade ahead, recognize at the preview images I’ll wait. divulge me that the textures aren’t improbable! And of course, Von added more tutorials (notice how he was catching on to what people loved and delivering more and more of it – that’s Von for you).

Oh yeah, and as always he included more of his original AI work. You can probably see the value in getting Von’s AI files but in case you can’t I’m going to accomplish it clear – you’re getting to recognize at how one of the world’s greatest vector designer/artists puts together a masterpiece.

deem about that. It’s the equivalent of standing over Michelangelo’s shoulder while he’s painting. Okay, maybe not a perfect comparison but you obtain my point. Just looking at these is like downloading Von’s genius into your brain.

**select and accomplish Art Bundle (Retails $15)**

Okay, so you know how most vector art is just one solid piece. Which means if you want to customize it you’re pretty much out of luck.

The select and accomplish Art Bundle is different. You obtain a collection of diverse itsy-bitsy dudes with movable arms, bodies, and heads. So you can create all sorts of different kinds of work to suit your needs.

My favorite fraction is these own a bit of Saul Bass flavor to them. I highly recommend them for anything that needs that post-modern cinema flavor.

**The Mid-Century Nature Vector Pack (Retail $15)**

This was a total sleeper pack. When we first released this vector art pack just a few sales trickled in. And then I guess word got around because sale hold going up every month!

My guess is that once people open it and see how beautifully constructed the art is it’s irresistible. I’ve used these for mid-century inspired poster and matchbook designs. Works like a charm. You should totally fade select a recognize at all the much artwork you obtain.

**Nincompoop Font (Retail $19)**

I’m going to let you in on a itsy-bitsy secret. I worship having stuff that other people can’t find.

I’m the dude that buys that limited edition, numbered poster from my favorite artist (so I know I’m one of a few who owns it). I’m the dude that buys limited dash t-shirts from my favorite designers so I own something totally unique.

Nincompoop is the equivalent of this in a font. This font was made over many years by Von (one letter at a time as he needed it for projects). Eventually, he had a complete font. He kept it in his personal designer toolbox for years.

It was just vector letters. But we converted it into a magnificent fully functioning font with western European language support. Not many people know about it. You can only find it at RetroSupply and it’s awesome to know that you’ve got something that’s been used by a much in his design lab for years.

But now you can own it for your own (and you don’t own to divulge anyone where you got it)!


The original DragStrip, DragStrip2 and Organic Vectors packs got 100% 5-star ratings. Here’s what customers had to advise about the original packs.

*”Really surprised by the quality of these brushes. They carry out not recognize like your typical vector brush sets. Having fun just playing with them and layering them to see the effects that are possible.”*

**Damon M.**

*”It’s tough finding much looking realistic Illustrator brushes, but these are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Very versatile, pressure sensitive, the whole 9 yards. Well done!”*

**Kevin S.**

*”These brushes allow vector artwork to own the texture and quality of paint. We all know how helpful vector art is a being precise,clean & defined; these brushes are loose and messy allowing you to select vector work in a different direction that is still infinitely scaleable.”*

**Simon W.**

*”I tried these brushes apt away because I was so excited to set aside them to employ. They are fantastic and easy to employ, thanks so much for providing original example work by Von Glitschka to examine exactly how this genius illustrator uses his one of a kind brushes.”*

**Chris R.**


It’s too helpful a deal! You’re getting $138 worth of the greatest vector resources ever for half price (and really these products could sell for more).

If you employ Adobe Illustrator consider this fate kicking your door down. It’s time to up your vector game forever!


Even if you already own a few of Von’s packs you can still select advantage of this deal. Just contact us with by clicking Contact in the navigation. divulge us what you already own from Von Glitschka and we’ll give you the best deal we can.

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