Essential Photoshop Brush Bundle

**salvage our essential Photoshop brush packs and join the thousands of illustrators who expend RetroSupply Co. brushes!**

This essential Photoshop brush collection is noteworthy for Apple Pencil with iPad Pro (using an app like Astropad), Wacom, or mouse.

**Brushes in the pack include:**
– Pencils
– Pens
– Gouache
– Chalk
– Sponge
– Engraving
– Hand lettering brushes
– Subtle grainy shaders
– Retro ephemera textures
– Gritty photocopy textures
– Ink rollers
– Tons more (many customers command us that it will win them months to experiment with the all).

**HERE’S WHAT YOU salvage:**

**Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial Pack ($47)**

The Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial pack includes 31 diverse natural media inspired brushes perfect for illustration work and inspired by retro Golden Book style illustrations. You’ll also salvage 4 in-depth tutorials by Brad Woodard and a PSD file that you can reverse engineer to uncover Brad’s illustration secrets.

**SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack ($29)**

Create authentic mid-century inspired illustrations with these 20 Photoshop brush presets which include technical pencils, form builders, standard pencils, conté crayon, print textures, and more. This pack comes with 3 step-by-step tutorial videos by Brad Woodard.

**Standard Issue Subtle Brush Kit ($19)**

Give your work insanely noteworthy looking subtle texture with 24 of Dustin’s personal subtle grunge brushes. The variations in sharpness and texture create a realistic effect. No more guessing what brush you’re using, just refer to the easy reference PDF.

**Turbo Textures Brush Kit and Extras ($19)**

27 brush presets and 13 classic brushes including subtle ink textures, sponges, grungy grain, screen pull errors and more. You’ll also salvage a quick reference sheet to quickly see how each brush looks and a tip sheet with our favorite techniques for using the brushes.

**Analog Ink Foundry | Vintage & Grunge Photoshop Brushes, Texture & Templates ($19)**

This is the closest thing to actually inking up your work in real life! This pack as 11 ink roller smart brushes that you drag like real ink rollers and 8 classic ink roller brushes. Plus, you’ll salvage the self inking Analog Ink Smart PSD and the Analog Ink Smart PSD with built in textures.

**Retro Effects | Classic Collection Bundle ($29)**

Retro Effects is a collection of 60 high leverage brushes, 66 retro textures, and 34 pieces of retro ephemera, designed specifically to add small touches to your work that accomplish a sizable dissimilarity.

**The Unconventional Tarot Brush Pack ($39)**

This pack includes 26 unconventional tarot Photoshop brush presets including tarot pens, blotty ink, cross hatchers, stipplers and more. You’ll also salvage 10 unconventional tarot Photoshop pencil presets, 2 demo videos showing the brushes in action and a PSD illustration file so you can reverse engineer it and learn exactly how it was built.

**The Hand Lettering Toolkit ($39)**

utter hello to The Hand Lettering Toolkit | 67 Ridiculously Real Brushes + Bonuses! a collection of 67 Photoshop brushes* created to work harmoniously together to create gorgeous hand lettering work. Plus, as a bonus you’ll salvage a set of carefully crafted crosshatching brushes unlike anything available anywhere!

**Photocopy abominate Machine ($29)**

Need to add a diminutive (or a lot) of gritty photocopy textures to your work? We’ve got your back with this epic masterpiece of photocopy goodness. You’ll salvage 75 photocopy brushes, 55 photocopy bitmap tiffs and a smart PSD for instant results.

**Mega Mash Chalk Brush Kit ($19)**

Want to create hand-lettered chalk illustrations but cannot stand the feel of chalk, or don’t possess access to a giant chalkboard? Then this set of 29 chalk brushes is for YOU. No detail is missed and they simulate dust and chalk catching on a board.


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