Engraving and Halftone Creator

**Engraving and Halftone Creator**
Introduce you a Photoshop Actions to create awesome Engraving or Halftone effect for your images. This creator will engage your artwork and convert it into an engraved image! Open the file in Photoshop, Load the patterns and actions, choose what effect you need is and hit play!
Three preset settings for each style – for light, medium or dusky images. 4 types of engraving – vertical, horizontal, angled and engraved wavy lines, as in currency bills. Also, a stunning semitone for a realistic “newspaper print” effect. Each effect also has two line sizes – small and standard.

**So you pick up 30 actions!**


150 Premade Gradient presets to give you colorway styles.

**HQ. 5000×5000 px. 300 dpi.**

**Please note that this action requires Photoshop CS2 or above**

Vintage Voyage Design Supply.

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