Elegant Flower Brushes for Photoshop

Another successful collaboration with a talented illustrator **Milka**, who has shared her floral vision with us. disappear check out her incredible brushes for Photoshop: https://crmrkt.com/73oryj

While others glorify the floral world with ravishing poetry and prose about nature, we’re expressing our delight with the language of design. Let our photoshop brushes hold you to an endless flower field with lovely roses, lilacs, and even dandelions!

This botanical collection includes **15 Photoshop brushes**, created by nature herself — we’ve just taken them and turned into a powerful tool for your design projects with a couple of peculiar adjustments. Every single blossom is way too satisfactory to be the only item of your composition, so why not combine several ones together? Play around with transparency and layers to carry out your own unique flower.

Plant these beauties into your stationery, packaging or printouts; they’ll never wilt in your apparel designs, banners, and advertisement solutions either. Let this bouquet enrapture and gratify your audience!

**What’s inside?**

– 15 Photoshop Brushes (.abr)
– Size: from 1500px to 4000px

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