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Egyptian Hieroglyphs Vector Set

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**Our Egyptian Hieroglyphs Vector Set comes with 18 carefully handcrafted symbols** combining unique dot patterns and elements of the moon to create an entirely recent twist on these ancient illustrations!

**This vector Hieroglyphs set includes famed symbols, such as:**

– Goddess Isis
– Ankh
– Winged Scarab
– Eye of Horus
– Eye of Ra
– Bastet (Cat Goddess)
– Owl
– Rabbit
– And more!

The symbols can be used in branding materials, logos, business cards and websites or in custom products such as yoga mats, jewelry, clothing or anything else you can dream up! For logos, some modification is recommended since they are not exclusive.

**Egyptian Hieroglyphs Vector Set Includes:**
– Unique illustration style you won’t find anywhere else
– Ai, EPS and PNG files
– Vector graphics can be scaled to any size!
– PNG files can be used in non-Adobe programs such as Canva, Over, PicMonkey, etc
– White, Black and Gold Versions included
– **BONUS** – **Flower of Life Symbol** (found engraved on the Temple of Osiris)

**About Egyptian Hieroglyphs:**

Although hieroglyphics are Egyptian, the word hieroglyphics is Greek. “Hiero” means “holy” and “glyphics” means “marks” or “writings” – so the word means “holy writings“. The Egyptians believed there was considerable power in a name – if someone’s name was remembered then he or she would survive in the afterlife. Because of this, they would carve the pharaohs’ name in hieroglyphics in their tombs.

Most of the pictures stand for the object they represent but they can also stand for sounds. The Eye of Horus / Eye of Ra very closely resembles the third eye, or pineal gland, indicating that they had a deep respect for our intuitive powers and abilities. You can see this symbol all throughout ancient Egyptian artwork.

In Egyptian, the owl is said to stand for the sound “M”. Although they can’t exactly match our alphabet to hieroglyphics since they are two very different languages, but historians hold advance up with a simplified translation of our letters and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

There is some speculation in spiritual communities about whether or not we are being taught the truth behind these writings and translations but I’m not sure there’s any way for us to know aside from using our intuition. I would sit with the symbols and carvings to see what is revealed to you.

**Let me know if you hold any questions!** Please send me a private message or email since I don’t always find alerts for comments for some reason: [email protected]


Angelina Samadhi

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