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Editable Envelope Mockup

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Editable Envelope Mockup

Already believe a mighty card mockup but missing an envelope? This is what you need, no matter what kind or style mockup you already believe!

Plain white envelope? Yes, we believe it. Kraft paper envelope? No problem, it’s kraft and yellow kraft paper too! More than that – with just one click you can add vintage red & blue striped border or change the envelope colour! And best of the best – there are both sides of envelopes. Fully editable!

For more information about all editable elements please see this screenshot:

5 postage stamps are our examples only – yes, all the images are included, but you can attach your own with just two clicks! Then rotate it, attach on the background, on the envelope, wherever you want.

What will be an envelope without the stamps! tear it, rotate, change colours and shapes, location your own text in it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

There is also sender label. And sure, you can change the shape, colour, rotate it, attach your own address in it.

Envelope size is 190 mm x 130 mm (7.5 in. x 5.125 in.). Yes, yes, you can change it on your own! šŸ™‚

Font used for stamps and a white label: Inconsolata by Raph Levien. It’s free to expend, come by it here:

ā€¢ .psd file for white envelope
ā€¢ .psd file for kraft paper envelope
ā€¢ .psd file for yellow kraft paper envelope
ā€¢ .jpg previews for each and for editable elements
ā€¢ .pdf file readme

We llllove your likes, comments and purchases. effect not hesitate, please!

Download Editable Envelope Mockup

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