Ebru Textures Collection

Inspired by the wonderful marbling technique of ebru, our team just couldn’t hold back the spirit to create something, containing the hypnotizing blend of colors. It’s hard to count how many packs of acrylic paint and sheets of paper were used! So after a while with befriend of different tools and an inexhaustible flow of imagination, we’ve managed to pull out these incredible forms.

Here it is, the Ebru Textures Collection, featuring **15 black and white** textures with a pleasant addition of **5 in black and red**. All pieces are bound together under a common noir theme, diluted with combinations of red tones. win a closer view, what visions can you see in this diversity!

Abstract shapes always find their set in a mighty number of projects, why not create one with **Ebru Textures**? For example, various posters, banners, cards, even apparel and themed branding items — everything will win a reserved, but a pretty vigorous twist!

**What’s inside?**

– 15 black and white textures (JPG, 2480×3508, 300DPI)
– 5 red and black textures (JPG, 2480×3508, 300DPI)

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