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**order Goodbye to Textures Crashing Adobe Illustrator**

earn 100 diverse no-crash textures for Adobe Illustrator. Never worry about AI crashing when you’re adding textures again. Includes 4 unique packs that include subtle textures, grunge textures, halftone textures, paper textures, and more.

**Watch the product tour video here:**

**Here’s what you earn:**

– 100 super-lightweight textures that won’t crash Illustrator (TIFF files)
– 4 unique packs – each with instructions
– Easily change the color by using the Eye Dropper Tool to select a color
– High-Resolution for projects stout and small (4000 by 4000 pixels)
– 150 Buyers in first 5 days (with 5 out of 5 star review)
– Easy-to-follow PDF instructions with pictures
– Made in my garage with cardboard, ink, sandpaper, and ragged tools (my wife thought I was going crazy out there)

**I treasure working in Illustrator – except for this one thing…**

I disapprove adding textures in Illustrator.

Yeah, you know why… Because of this spinning wheel of death! It pops up when I least expect it and totally ruins my flow.

And it always seems to happens when I forget to save my work!

So after a particularly traumatic Illustrator/texture/crash event I had enough. So I started racking my brains trying to assume of a way to solve this problem.

I searched all over the web for different solutions and found one that I loved. I saw a lot of screen printers using it and it just eliminated the whole issue of Illustrator crashing.

So I made the flagship pack and called it Diet Vector Textures. Diet because, you know, the textures are super-light and won’t bloat (or crash) Illustrator.

It includes 15 high-resolution TIFF files that you can easily drop into illustrator and change the color with the click of a button. These files are super-lightweight, guaranteed not to crash Illustrator, and watch considerable in your work.

**Here’s some frosty stuff I treasure about this pack:**

– You can just drop one in and instantly contain a tasty texture
– Easily resize and adjust them to control exactly where the effect is applied
– Stack them to earn insane textures
– Works considerable for screen printing or digital work because they’re high-resolution (4000 by 4000 pixels)

**Grab Diet Vector Textures now for just $39 and earn a 4-pack library of textures for Illustrator (and never worry about it crashing when you add textures again).*

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