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current! FLEURO Colour Font :)

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Hi Folks!
After just having given the freakishly awesome 🌈 ** FONTSELF COLOUR FONT Maker for ILLUSTRATOR** 🌈 a grand recede, I was **SUPER impressed** with how incredibly simple it was to acquire **Colour Fonts! ** This Illustrator product is SO incredible, I just had to explain you all about it – so hopefully you’ll come by to see a blog post about my experience with it in the next couple of days on Creative Market – giving you some more detail on exactly how easy it is to expend 🙂 😍

For now though, I thought I’d share with you all, this first Colour Font **FOR $2! ** 🙂

Naturally , I had to come by stuck into the FONTSELF extension for PHOTOSHOP too! So far , it’s honestly ** JUST as gobsmacking**, so stay tuned for something to arrive out of that folks 😀

You can find both the Fontself Products here if you want to come by stuck in too :
– BOTH TOGETHER (Bonus!) :

For now – Grab ‘FLEURO’ for $2 🙂 As per all fonts , the Standard License allows both Personal and Commercial expend – Unlimited Projects and Unlimited Sales 🙂 You’ll see the fine print under the first table on the License page :

I hope you come by some grand expend out of **FLEURO! **

elated Creating and Colour Font-making!
Nicky xx

Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2017 (or newer).

Download current! FLEURO Colour Font 🙂

You might find a better price for this product on CreativeMarket, Design Bundles, FontBundles, Graphic River or Creative Fabrica

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