Cross-Country Crosshatchers

**pick up Natural Looking Crosshatching in Seconds with 200+ Brushes**

*Software Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC*

Developed by artist in France hundreds of years ago, crosshatching is the techique of adding shade, depth, and texture to illustratons with closely spaced lines.

By overlapping different angles of the lines you can add life and interest into the most simple drawing.

Our Cross-Country Crosshatchers Pack includes every single tool you’ll ever need to add crosshatching to your illustrations in Adobe Illustrator––and quickly too.

**Product Features**

– 216 hatching brushes for Adobe Illustrator to give you perfect crosshatching textures in your illustrations.
– 108 centered brushes and 108 edge brushes (for easy work on large areas or precise edges).
– 48 cross hatching swatches perfect for consume with the Blob Brush tool.
– Brush Reference Sheets & Easy-to-follow installation instructions.
– One narrated behind-the-scenes tutorial video of the cover (7 minutes).
– Two time-lapse videos where Alana shows you how she changes swatch colors and uses swatches with shapes for adding details to her work.
– Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) of artwork from the pack that you can open, inspect, and reverse engineer to learn exactly how each piece of art is built.
– Made for Adobe Illustrator CC

**Product Benefits**

– Quickly add natural, hand drawn crosshatching to your work snappily.
– Overlay multiple hatching brushes to create nearly unlimited hatching effects.
– Add precise shading and detail with our 108 edge brushes.
– consume the swatches with the Shape Tool or Blob Brush and quickly fill in large areas.
– Watch tutorial and time-lapse of how the artwork was created and discover unique ideas snappily.
– Study the cover art Adobe Illustrator file and learn exactly how we consume the brushes.

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