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ColorLab Procreate Vintage Comic Kit

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ColorLab Procreate Vintage Comic Kit


ColorLab makes it fun and easy to create retro art in Procreate including color halftones, ink imperfections, and paper textures.


– **Authentic comic color halftones.** We created this set by recreating vintage comic color palette charts of the past. savor the freedom of creating your own halftone colors with ease. Watch the colors build-up with each halftone layer.

– **Devilish details.** When it comes to capturing that retro aesthetic we know the devil is in the details. Every detail of ColorLab was made to create convincing retro comic effects including color palettes, screen angles, ink bleeds, rosettes, registration errors, and more.

– **Historic paper templates.** A stout secret to emulating vintage CMYK colors (called by Red, Yellow, and Blue on mature comic sheets) is how they interact with the paper. We’ve curated 8 archival paper samples including newsprint, kraft paper, comic covers, parchment, and more. Each paper texture made from real historic samples from our collection.

– **Non-destructive texturing.** Adjusting the age and quality of the printing is as easy as adjusting sliders. Dial-in your paper aging, ink textures, fading, and comic grading imperfections.

– **Easy to consume.** ColorLab is easy to install and consume. The brushes are labeled and ready to recede. Plus, quick and helpful step-by-step videos will support you bag the most from the pack immediately.


– 12 non-pressure sensitive halftone brushes.
– 9 pressure-sensitive halftone brushes.
– 125 process color files (pre-mixed).
– 8 paper texture templates in two sizes (so it works well on any iPad).
– 3 keyline inking pens that will quickly become your modern favorites.
– 10 print defect brushes including comic grading flaws like ink spray, foxing, flecking, and more.
– Red, Yellow, Blue color palette (similar to CMYK but historically it’s red, yellow, blue in comics).
– ColorLab Color Chart makes it easy to find and apply retro color formulas.
– 2 quick and easy-to-follow videos on how to bag the most from the pack.


**Software:** Procreate 5.0 and above

**Hardware:** iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher

**iPadOS:** Version 13.2 or higher

**Storage:** 2 GB

**THE legend OF COLORLAB**

There’s nothing like vintage comics. The yellowing paper. The smudged ink. The musty smell of chemicals and newsprint.

And of course… **cheap color halftones.**

This is the stuff that our admire of 1960’s comics, cheesy mail-order ads, and bubble gum packaging is made of.

Unfortunately, these effects are insanely hard to achieve digitally.

Even with tutorials, brushes, and filters, the results can examine mediocre

And to rub salt in the wound, a few select artists capture this examine in their work. But they’re tight-lipped about how they conclude it. Why? They know these kinds of authentic results are hard to pin down and gain their work irresistible.

No more!

ColorLab makes achieving these vintage printing effects easy and fun.

With an industrial-strength collection of brushes, swatches, textures, and templates, you can achieve rich vintage color halftone effects.

bag tight and clean comic halftones or gain it gritty pulp print textures with ease. No other kit offers this much control to fine-tune your work.

Plus, we’ve included two ways to create your effects. Manually and with pre-mixes. Whether you want to fine-tune every ink spot and registration error or want rapid results for a looming deadline, we’ve got you covered.


*Due to large file size the download is a small PDF with instructions on how to bag access to the pack in less than one minute.*

*ColorLab is also available for Photoshop and Affinity Designer — view our shop to find the version you need!*

Download ColorLab Procreate Vintage Comic Kit

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