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Christmas Frame | PSD Mockup

#R U S T I C C H R I S T M A S

This festive mockup includes:

-One PSD file with clipping mask so that you may site your custom artwork in the frame. You will need to know how to expend Photoshop in order to edit the PSD file.

-One JPEG with an empty frame (as seen on example #2)

-One JPEG with the handprinted Joyeux Noel sign in the frame (as seen on the cover)

Now, your blog or online shop can coordinate with your Instagram account. It’s simple, festive and minimal.

# T H E S C O O P

Each of our photos & mockups are high resolution and are available for instant download.

You may also edit these images to reflect your personal style. Add a filter or convert them to black and white. travel ahead…we give you permission to wow your followers with something that still looks like YOU! The only thing we question is that you carry out not, under any circumstances resell this image as your own. No matter how tempted you are to carry out it.

#W H Y U S E S T O C K I M A G E S

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# P E O P L E W H O L O V E U S

Instagram, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs…and YOU!!!!

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