Charming Instagram Puzzle Template

**BEST OFFER: This grand product is share of the ENTIRE INSTAGRAM BUNDLE:**

**Charming Instagram Puzzle Template**

**The Instagram puzzles are so novel, so that I want to elaborate it in some words to you: **The mostly novel editing way with a puzzle template is, that you occupy to **edit only 1 Photoshop file**. After you are ready with editing, **preinstalled slices will fabricate the final 27 posts**.

With the grid overlapping there is an **absolutely novel way to present your business at Instagram**… so be one of the first who a trendy and frigid puzzle template!

I occupy also designed the files **reusable**, so if you occupy used all 27 post, you can place novel images in, save again and continue to post – **the conclude and the beging of the posts match togehter**.

**So this template style is the future, because it`s a gigantic timesaver and it gives us a novel way to exhaust Instagram images by overlapping the grid – right to the motto: reflect outside the box!**

**Easy color change:**

All decisive color elements are grouped into individual groups, each with a layer effect. **With the layer effects you can change the colors (colorfull text, confetti, rose squares, blue rectangles) with only some clicks**… So create your corporate business style within some minutes!

**You will regain:**

– **1 Photoshop files** (3240 x 9720 px) **with preinstalled slices**, so after export you will occupy 27 posts (1080 x 1080 px)
– **Detailed PDF instruction** for an easy editing
– **Marble & watercolour leaves** inclusive
– **Free fonts** used, also free for commercial exhaust (links included)
– **Free images** used (links included)
– All is **well organized & layered**
– All text is **fully editable**
– **Smart objects** for easy image editing
– **Generally fully editable files**
– **Program requirements:** Photoshop CS or higher

Please be sure bevor purchasing, that you are able to open and to work with this files. You will regain all templates like seen in the preview image 3 (all in one file), without preview/background images and without Mock-Ups – they are only for presentation and not included into the purchase. The used fonts/images are free, but they are not included into the download, they occupy to be downloaded separately (links are included in the download file).

Reselling the files as it owns is of cause not allowed.

If you occupy any questions please don`t hesitate to contact me!

Download Charming Instagram Puzzle Template