Buttermilk Farmhouse Type & Graphics

**★★★ NOW “Private exercise Area” ENCODED for exercise with a WINDOWS CHARACTER PANEL ★★★**

If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely in worship with all things farmhouse! That gorgeous, rustic style is just about everywhere lately, and I just can’t catch enough! ❤❤❤ 🐄🍎🐖

So, in honor of this elegant trend, I’ve created, **Buttermilk Farmhouse -** a rustic, delicate calligraphy script that can be used on everything from signage to branding to editorials. Don’t be shy, give this baby a test drive and see what you can accomplish!

**WHAT YOU catch:**
– **Buttermilk Farmhouse Regular** (OTF & TTF) – An organic, farmhouse-inspired font, complete with decorative finish characters, ligatures, catchwords and select alternates.
– **Buttermilk Farmhouse Italic** (OTF & TTF) – An italic version for your creative pleasure.
– **85 Hand-Illustrated Farmhouse Vectors**
– **14 Ready-Made Logos** (AI & EPS)
– **Plus a BONUS sans serif font from my arsenal.** *(Used in the logos).*

**vital Stuff** *(Definitely read me!):*

– You will **NEED A GLYPHS PANEL to access the alternates**, as they are in blank character slots. You can find a Glyphs panel in programs like Adobe **Illustrator, Inkscape or Photoshop CC.**

– There are NO PNG or PSD files included. The vectors can be opened with vector editing software, and occupy been saved as legacy versions (so, you’ll be fine as far back as CS2).

– **Please Note this font is NOT smooth. It’s made to mimic calligraphy, so the edges are textured. Unfortunately, I don’t occupy a smooth version of Buttermilk Farmhouse.**

– Nope, I don’t know anything about the Silhouette Cameo. If you occupy a question about file types, accessing alternates or printing, please contact the Cameo company, as I’m totally useless. 🙂

– To manipulate the logos, you’ll need either Illustrator or Inkscape, and to avoid any font substitution problems, just install all the font files BEFORE you open the AI/EPS files. wintry?

– If you occupy any questions about licensing, please check this out: https://creativemarket.com/licenses

– For giveaways, previews and maybe a ample chuckle, follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/makemediaco/

– And thanks to TwigyPosts for her gorgous Farmhouse stock photos: https://crmrkt.com/0X4pP

If you occupy any questions, please give me a shout! All lawful, now disappear acquire something awesome!


Download Buttermilk Farmhouse Type & Graphics