Bug Lab | Affinity Texture Brushes

**Software Compatibility: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo**

**Texture Brushes for Photoshop Inspired by Nature and Childhood**

– 48 hi-res texture Affinity raster stamp brushes created from nature
– 2 raster pencil brushes perfect for linework
– Brush Reference Sheets & Easy-to-follow installation instructions
– Bug template: Layered Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo files (.afdesign and .afphoto) using the brushes and Brad’s illustrations so you can build your own bugs and learn exactly how each piece of art is built
– A narrated behind-the-scenes tutorial video from Brad Woodard *(please note Brad created these tutorials in Adobe Photoshop, as a result there small technical program differences. The philosophy behind creating the art will be the same).*

BugLab is our cramped tribute to the power and significance of this kind of art.

Brad Woodard of doughty the Woods and myself spent hours on video calls sharing the textures we found in nature, scanning late into the night, and experimenting with a massive variety of textures to bring you a diverse and much quality set of bold textures.

**Bug Lab Product Benefits**


50 high-resolution raster brushes including 48 stamp brushes and 2 liner brushes.

The stamp brushes were created from 800-1200 DPI scans of textures from nature and around our homes including leaves from around the United States, tree bark, fungus, wood rings, hand drawn patterns, sponge textures, and more.

Plus, we’ve included two pencil brushes to add form and detail to your work.

For example, if you notice at the bugs in the preview images you’ll notice we created the bugs from simple geometric shapes, added textures, and then created legs, wings, and attenae with the pencils.

**Instruction & Reference Sheets**

We know that you want to start making stuff immediately. That’s why we’ve included easy to follow instructions as well as a printable brush quick reference sheet. This makes it easy for you to refer and jump to the brush you want without going through each brush and stamping to see what it looks like.

**Bug Templates**

Want to create your own bugs quickly (or maybe you just want to collect to experimenting with the textures quickly)? Brad Woodard created 10 bugs including beetles, butterflies, bees, flies, and more. Each one is in well organized layers so you can isolate any fraction of the bug and add textures.


Learn how to create your own nature inspired illustration from sketch to final art work in this 18 minute long tutorial created by Brad Woodard.

Brad loves teaching and puts a lot of work into making the videos fun, easy to follow, and useful. A lot of our customers disclose us that the videos by themselves are worth the price of the entire pack.

*Please note Brad created these tutorials in Adobe Photoshop and, as a result, there small technical program differences. The philosophy behind creating the art will be the same.*

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