BrushScript Bundle for Procreate

Just got your modern iPad Pro and want to learn how to exhaust it for calligraphy practice or maintain a set of Crayola Markers and need some resources to abet you rep started?

These worksheets smash down the structure of this Brush Script style so it’s easy to learn.

What you rep:

– Practice Strokes worksheets
– Uppercase letters worksheets
– Lowercase letters worksheets
– Numbers worksheets
– 10 x Procreate Brushes
– PDF Printables for exhaust with Brush Script Pens
– JPEG Printables for exhaust with Brush Script Pens
– PDF Instruction manual

A combined total of 218MB of stuff!!

– Apple iPad with OS 10
– Apple Pencil or similar stylus
– Procreate App version 3 & 4 (found on the Apple App store)

If you experience any problems not found within these instructions then please to reach out to me via my contact form.

Save the zipped file to your desktop, uncompress it and then add the items to your iCloud drive to be able to access on your iPad. If you are downloading straight to your iPad then install the free app “FileExplorer Free” onto your iPad first, then you’ll be able to open the zip file.

If you’re having any problems unzipping your download then please watch this video:

Please watch the below video to see how to add multiple brushes at once, as Procreate doesn’t maintain this feature and so a work around is needed otherwise you’ll maintain to import them one-by-one.

Download BrushScript Bundle for Procreate

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