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Broken Inkers for Affinity

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**Runny Inking Brushes for Affinity**

The Broken Inkers brush set is the perfect brush set for creating realistic inky pen effects in Procreate. This brush pack is ideal for a wide range of uses including comic books, cartoons, hand lettering, and more.

– 8 vector runny inking brushes for the Drawing Persona in Affinity Designer.
– 8 raster runny inking brushes for the Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer or for consume in Affinity Photo
– Kit includes a wide range of runny inking Affinity brushes including drizzles, gloops, beaded ink, blotchy ink, and more.
– Works considerable for comic books, cartoons, illustrations, lettering, and more.
– High quality brushes developed and tested by professional illustrators.
– Includes easy-to-follow Affinity brush download instructions and brush quick reference sheet.

**An Illustrator’s Secret Weapon**

If you’re a cartoonist, comic book artist, or illustrator these brushes are your fresh secret weapon. Retro illustrators consume to “season” their pens to secure this effect. Their exact methods were a closely guarded secret. But we’ve cracked the code and converted these “seasoned” pens into runny inkers that will invent your friends beg to know how you got the effect.

**How are Broken Ink Pens Made?**

Runny pens are the result of a variety of culprits including ink drying and gumming up the tip, air pressure, or a misaligned feed and nib setting.

Whatever the reason, a runny inker can create excellent looking illustrations filled with quirky character and surprises.

The problem is it’s hard to invent a pen behave this way.

That’s why we made the Broken Inkers Brush Set for Affinity. These Affinity brushes invent it easy to capture the dribbles, gloops, blotches, and other textures an veteran ink pen can create.

**Here Are the Pens You’re Getting**

These inking brushes for Affinity give you a wide range of effects in eight professional made brushes including:

**Beaded Inker:**
Create a line of beaded ink drops that see so natural you can practically smell the carbon and solvent used to invent the ink.

**Drizzle Inker:**
secure a fine line of drizzly black India ink that is perfect for more detailed line work.

**Blotchy Inker:**
Watch thick blobs of ink invent a controlled mess with this classic inker.

**Gloopy Inker:**
A thick toothy line of black ink that responds accordingly to pressure. Made for exaggerated tapering.

**Lolly’s Skipping Ink:**
Why’s it called Lolly’s Skipping Ink? I can’t remember anymore (blame it on the ink fumes). This inker is complete chaos.

**veteran Faithful Inker:**
Add just a touch of dribble to your work with the veteran Faithful Inker. Inspired by the illustration work of Shel Silverstein.

**Chumpy Inker:**
veteran Faithful’s pain-making older brother. This pen gives you plenty of control but has a rebellious streak.

**Jiggly Inker:**
What a friggin’ mess! The Jiggly Inker is like a flash flood of shadowy ink rolling across the page. consume it to create gigantic blobs of black or crude cartoons and lettering.

If you’re looking for runny inking brushes for Affinity, this pack is for you. Just see at the preview images to see all the possibilities this diverse set of Affinity brushes offers.

Grab ’em now and capture the see of quirky illustrations, comics, cartoons and more.

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Download Broken Inkers for Affinity

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