Brand Strategy Guide & Workbook

**Branding:Uncomplicated ~ A Brand Strategy Guide & Workbook**

*10 Step Brand Strategy Roadmap – The no-­nonsense, fluff-­free, practical step-by-step guide and workbook to crafting a modern brand, minus the confusion. Made for start-­ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, creatives and side hustlers.*

People gain been over complicating branding for far too long. They construct it hard to understand, apply and implement. There is a truckload of content out there. It’s not your fault your overwhelmed—your trying to sift through chaos! I’m here to construct the process simple, straight-forward and guide you step-by-step. I’m going to serve you work through the process so you succeed!

**This is my 10 step roadmap to crafting an extraordinary brand strategy—so you can construct an impact in the world through your business.**

**Simple. Straight-Forward. Step-by-Step.**

– Guidebook, Workbook and A3 Poster
– 120 Page Guidebook
– 84 Page Workbook
– 10 Chapters
– 26 Brand Strategy Exercises
– 16 Example Exercises so you can follow along
– 1 Quiz
– A4 size and ready-to-print PDF

– Learn the importance of branding and why it matters
– Create your customer avatar
– Identify your tribe and repel the rest
– Learn how to own your space in the marketplace
– Fun strategies to uncover your core values
– Learn how to construct your competition irrelevant
– Create clear differentiation from your competitors
– Learn how to create a movement, not just a brand
– accumulate into your customers head and uncover what really motivates them
– And we finished up with a mind blowing tool that the industry experts don’t want you to know about!

– 01 / Why Branding Matters
– 02 / Your Purpose is Bigger than Your Product
– 03 / Identifying Your Dream Customers
– 04 / The Subtle Art of Repelling Customers
– 05 / Making the Competition Irrelevant
– 06 / Creating a Movement, Not Just a Brand
– 07 / What Your Customers Really Want
– 08 / What Drives Human Behaviour
– 09 / Uniting Your Tribe Under Common Beliefs
– 10 / Putting it all Together


**Definitely Yes:**
– if you want a clear step-by-step guide on how to create a powerful brand strategy
– if you want clarity, direction, and a solid brand foundation
– if you want clear specific strategies that you can implement straight away
– if you are tired of reading books that inspire you but don’t interpret *how* to accomplish it
– if you want confidence in your brand messaging
– if you want a brand you are proud of
– if you are so over reading fluffy branding books and not getting any results!
– if you are tired of reading ‘branding’ articles that gloss over all the indispensable details
– if you are tired of pretentious garbage, with no real substance
– if you ever wished there was an easy step-by-step process
– if you are struggling to communicate your value and what you gain to offer
– if you are struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition
– if you are struggling to chop through the noise and accumulate heard
– if your brand is holding you back from creating the impact you wish to construct
– if you are a small business, start-­up, entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creative, corporate escapee or side hustler
– if you can’t afford to hire an agency, but still want to create a blockbuster brand on a limited budget

**Not So Much:**
– if you are seeking information about design. This guide is all about strategy, not design.
– if you don’t really value your brand and you deem the price is too expensive – then it’s not for you
– if you are easily offended – then it’s not for you
– if you are not willing to accomplish the work – then it’s not for you
– if you deem business should be stuffy and corporate – then it’s not for you
– if you are not willing to try something current – then it’s not for you
– if you don’t like learning and change – then it’s not for you

– Easy step-by-step guide
– No superficial depthless fluff
– No page fillers
– No annoying buzzwords
– No boring theory that is useless in the real world
– No airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky thinking that has no purpose
– Simple, practical and real strategies that you can implement straight away
– In the conclude, you will gain a written brand strategy that will give you clarity and direction like never before


Recently I created a Brand Guideline Template which included a section where you could add a brief brand strategy. One lovely customer complained that I didn’t include a complete Brand Strategy in the template. I assumed most would understand that a complete brand strategy costs thousands of dollars and is customised to your brand—not something you can simply accumulate off the shelf. Annoyed at first, I soon realised there was nothing out there to serve creatives create a brand strategy step-by-step. And so my journey began…that was six months ago. It started out as a few templates and grew into 118 pages and a workbook. This is probably one of the best products I’ve ever created and I’m so proud of it. I’ve tried to construct the process as easy as possible so you can accumulate the most out of it. Let me know what you deem or if you gain any questions. I hope you appreciate!

Clare 🙂

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**Please Note: this is an eBook, not a template**

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