Blackview Grunge Textures Collection

It’s a rebel in your toolbox! Meet a collection of **hand-drawn grunge textures**, which are meant to embody your wish to stand out, the intention to be heard and the desire to craft the designs that are you.

We’ve used the simplest, yet 100% essential formula: tons of black paint and a few brushes. And the result simply stuns: **23 textures in two versions** (original and halftone) and two formats (PNG and EPS) each. Combine them with your artworks for absolute vibrancy, consume for packaging, web and app design, posters, clothing, stationery, showing the community how daring, rebellious and irresistible you are.

**What’s inside:**
– 23 hand-drawn textures / 92 objects;
– Original and halftone variants;
– PNG and EPS formats;
– Transparent background;
– 300 dpi resolution.

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