BIMBO • Hand Lettering Collection

If you need a simple way to come by hand written / drawing style graphics – BIMBO Collection is for you.
Absolutely hand drawn lettering style collection gives you many styles for your graphic projects. Easy way to gives your poster, or gift cards, or gift paper or something else a hand touch for really short time.
25 typefaces, 248 hand drawn graphics and 124 catchwords. Also, you come by my OneNineNineFour font for free as gift! Just because It’s perfect pair to this set.

**Awesome choice for awesome price. Just $16!**
**So, what include**
– VVDS_Bimbo Sans *8 Styles*
– VVDS_Bimbo Serif *7 Styles*
– VVDS_Bimbo Condensed Sans *6 Styles*
– VVDS_Bimbo Script *3 Styles*
– VVDS_Bimbo Decor One *62 hand drawn graphic object (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_Bimbo Decor Two *62 hand drawn graphic object (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_Bimbo Decor Three *62 hand drawn graphic object (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_Bimbo Decor Four *62 hand drawn graphic object (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_Bimbo Catchwords One *62 hand drawn catchwords (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_Bimbo Catchwords Two *62 hand drawn catchwords (A-z; 0-9)*
– VVDS_OneNineNineFour Regular
– VVDS_OneNineNineFour Outline
– VVDS_OneNineNineFour Halftone


Comes with **multilingual support** and supports the following langages : Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German.


**P.S.: VVDS_Bimbo Script Typefaces** has some alternates and ligatures. Also, has a swatches (1-5 numbers alternates). utilize the Glyphs Panel at your software. If you don’t absorb, utilize any font manager program which best for you.;

**P.S.: The Distress in previews pic created by DISTRESS PRESS (**

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