Beloved Ottilia Font + Free Logos

Introducing Beloved Ottilia a lovely and elegant script font with premade branding logos. All logos are ready-to-exercise with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. All you need to carry out is installing the font and changing your name or business name to create your own **BRAND**.

The font is **so high in quality**, that you can exercise any text at any size, get be for your shop or blog header.

Every logo sets maintain three types of logo: **Main logo, Alternate Logo and Submark Logo.**

**It’s a Modern Calligraphy Font Pack with Premade Branding Logos.**

**What you will gain:**

– Beloved Ottilia – Opentype Font
– 61 Photoshop Logos as branding sets (PSD)
– 61 Adobe Illustrator Logos as branding sets (Ai & EPS)
– All logo textures included
– Font wait on files.

**Font Features:**

– Full set of lowercase and uppercase alternatives, numerals, punctuation
– Four stylistic beginning and terminate swashes for all charterers
– Two stylistic heart connection swashes for all charterers
– Standard and Discretionary ligatures: *bb, dd, ee, ff, ll, oo, pp, ss, th, tt*
– Multilingual support: *àáâãäåçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõöøùúûüýÿąćęłńśšźżžÀÁÂÃÄÅĄÇĆÈÉÊËĘÌÍÎÏÐÑŃŁÒÓÔÕÖØÙÚÛÜŚŠŸÝŹŻŽß*

**Software Requirements:**

– No specific software required to exercise the font, any software that support opentype features can be used with this font.
– But in order to exercise the included logo templates, you must need to exercise Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Hope you will be pleased the font…Thanks!

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