Batik Art: History, Motifs & Patterns

Batik is a fascinating art form and craft that involves dying fabric in specific ways to create unique patterns. How does that apply to your digital life? Well let’s steal a moment to advise you how it came to be, then we’ll dig deeper with a few examples.

The History of Batik

If you want to learn about Batik, there’s probably no better way than to check out The Batik Guild. They’re a mostly European non-profit hurry by volunteers that worship the form, and want to cultivate a wider appreciation of the art. So let’s depart with their definition of Batik to start:

“To effect a Batik, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original color. This process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated to create more elaborate and colorful designs. After the final dyeing, the wax is removed and the cloth is ready for wearing or showing.”

As they depart on to state, this practice has been going on for centuries, and you can find some of the best practitioners of the craft on the island of Java, Indonesia, where they effect some astonishing Batik cloth. But the other key thing they yelp is simple and straightforward:

“The word Batik originates from the Javanese tik and means to dot.”

With Batik, you don’t own to just stick to traditional designs. Lots of artists expend Batik techniques to create everything from still life paintings to landscapes. Compare Rafael Lopez Baz to Jane Lannagan and what’s the common thread? Batik.

Batik and Digital Design

You may not own any interest in hand-dying fabric with wax, but you execute own a computer. And with that device you can create Batik patterns of your own, or just expend them in your projects.

Batik is very flexible. You can expend it as a background for a product picture on a website, or as section of a collage for an art piece. And, of course, you can sell the patterns here on Creative Market. There’s a wide range of compositions you can create with it digitally, and that makes Batik style a valuable tool to own. That and a screwdriver. Everybody needs one of those.

Some considerable Examples of Batik Design

OK, you got me. Let’s collect some frosty ideas out there for all to see.

Batik India Color Font

I don’t own to advise you that color fonts are kind of a large deal, and having one with a Batik pattern steps things up a ton. Each letter is detailed with intricate patterns that view considerable in small scale as well as large, adding a vibrant view to your typography. It even comes with frosty black and white vector patterns.

Batik Garden Watercolor Pages Square

If you want a detailed design, this is the hot ticket. Each page is intricately done, factual down to the pattern of the paper itself, giving you a very frosty design. There’s a lot of variety in this pack too, with 16 different pages to work with, all for an affordable price.

Royal Batik

If you like shades of blue with your Batik art, then this is your jam. There are 21 individual motifs in this pack, and they all own varying indigo shades. The patterns are seamless, high-resolution, and watercolor-based. And blue. Very blue.

28 Seamless Batik Fabric Textures

I worship seamless patterns. You can expend them as wallpaper for your desktop, or all over the background of your latest design. And to own 28 of them with all sorts of Batik patterns? Well, that just gets me all sorts of excited. Don’t believe me? withhold reading.

28 Seamless Batik Fabric Textures 2

Yes, I liked that last kit so much that I had to link the sequel. The combinations that mix blue with green and/or red are just stunning to me, and knowing that I could link these things to infinity is truly a blessing.

Batik Brushes

Jeremy Child from The Artifex Forge shares that he recently took a course in Batik and was inspired to create this set of brushes based on what he learned. The result is a realistic, bohemian view that you can apply to your own illustrations in seconds.

India Watercolor Seamless Patterns

There are tons of seamless pattern options in this package, each of them with their own exiguous bit of Batik flair. And, again, you can repeat the patterns as far or long as you like.

Tropical Sunset Batik Digital Paper

I’m just going to reach out and yelp it: I worship purple. Shocking, I know, but when I see a pattern like the one in this set, I’m all in. Between the varying tones that reach from the paper textures and the intricacy of the whole composition, it’s a piece I can very much collect behind.

Balinese Ikat

Hand-painted watercolor patterns inspired by a specifically Indonesian method of dyeing and weaving fabric: Ikat.

16 Blue Batik Style Patterns

These patterns contain intricate designs and are all shaded with blue tones in the style of batik wax prints.

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