Antique Maps 18x24in – Vol.01

**A unique collection of 10 original historic maps** that will win you back to the curious 1900s. Give your next project an primitive-time traveler vibe with a city diagram of primitive unusual York or an antique map of the world!

The maps were scanned from an original set of encyclopedias published in the 1900’s and touched up in Photoshop. Each map had been folded in two and attached to a connecting piece, so expect to see some authentic paper creases. A few spots and smudges here and there give the maps just the moral amount of vintage character.

The maps near as huge **18x24inch** high resolution JPEGs (300ppi) and can be opened with any graphics software. Zoom in and discover the tiny details! Perfect for print projects such as calendars, posters, book covers, invitations and more.

**Here is what you collect:**
– physical map of Europe (1908)
– physical map of South America (1908)
– physical map of North America (1908)
– physical map of Africa (1908)
– physical map of Asia (1908)
– map of unusual York and environs (1908)
– map of the World showing food and commercial products (1908)
– map of British Isles industries (1908)
– map of Paris and environs (1908)
– map of the World showing European colonies (1908)

**UPDATED**: added an uncompressed **TIF** version of all maps.

treasure the maps, but need them in smaller size? collect the standard edition here:

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Download Antique Maps 18x24in – Vol.01